Cleaning an Above-Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-23-2010 in Articles

It is not possible to keep your pol away from contaminants like brown slime, cloudy water and algae etc. Over time many pollutants take hold of your pool surface and make it look bad and shabby. A good cleaning is needed to keep your pol look clean and full of life. To deal with certain pollutants and mold, you need to take help from certain pol chemicals like algae guard, water clarifier, and chlorine and pool shock. Keeping your pol clean will keep things hygienic and gives you favorable environment. But a dirty pool cannot only look bad in shape but you don't feel comfortable while swimming in it and may arise some skin problems as well.

Required Items

- Algae guard
- Chlorine
- Chlorine dispenser
- Garden hose
- Hose nozzle
- Pol brush
- Pol filter
- Pol hose
- Pol pump
- Pol Shock
- Pol skimmer
- Pol test strips
- Water clarifier


1. If you have any cover on the pool, take it away carefully.

2. Take pool skimmer and remove all the visible debris and dirt from the surface of the pool. This will assure you that your pool filter would not be clogged. First skim all the debris from the top, later skim the bottom of the pool.

3. Before using pool filter, wash it with clean water. Use garden hose and spray water on the filter to remove the dirt. Soak the filter with water.

4. Install the pool filter into the canister of the pool pump properly. Link the pol filter and pump with the pool and switch on the pump to let the pool water flow through filter.

5. It is better to clean the bottom of the pool in sections. This will help you to work properly on the entire bottom of the pool. ool brush and hose are the best choices to clean the bottom of the pool. You may find some marks hard to remove but some might be permanent.
6. Keep an eye on the pool filter as well through out your cleaning session. You may need to clean filter 2-3 times while cleaning the pool as it become full of water and debris.

Each time you remove the filter wash it properly with water. Later re-install it properly and resume your work.

7. Once you are done with cleaning, now is the time to add algae guard, pool shock and water clarifier in your pool to keep it clean and free from algae and bacteria for longer period of time.

8. Take the shock powder and put the required amount of it on edges of the pool. If required mix it with the help of pool brush to scatter it in the water evenly.

9. Now take the water clarifier and add it to pool in the same way you applied shock powder. Mix it well with the help of pool brush.

10. Take algae guard and add it in the same way as you did the shock powder and the water clarifier. Examine for some time and make sure that all of the three has properly mixed into the pol water and nothing is settled at the bottom.

11. Let the pump working on the pool water. Take the hose and brush out of the pool and cover up (solar blanket or anything suitable) the surface of the pool to keep it free from pollutants.

12. Next morning, take the cover off from pool surface. Take a chemical test strip and immerse it into the pool water and keep it there unshaken for sometime. Soon you will see the color of the strip changes. Compare the color with the color levels given on the chemical test strip container.

This color will help you to know whether you need more quantity of chemicals in the pool or not. If it is required to add more chemicals, add them. The chemical levels in the pool must be stable and in balance with pH and alkalinity levels.

13. Each day you have to start with Step 12. Then back to Step 6. You need to end with Step 11. This process will go on till you find your pool water clear and hygienic. The process will go on for few days depending upon the condition of your pool.

14. You need to check the strip test on daily basis and be sure that the chemical levels should remain stable and in line with the recommended specifications.

15. In the end you need to fix the chlorine dispenser in the pool. Keep it full with chlorine and this will provide the necessary chlorine level require keeping the pool water clean. Double the quantity of chlorine in the summer season and high usage sessions.

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