Clearing Up a Grren Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2013 in Articles

To start off, what makes you pool water green? When your pool water is green it is full of algae. Algae are filled with chlorophyll, which makes your pool water look green. In order to remove the algae from your pool water to bring it back to a clear pool you must do these steps. 1st make sure you balance chemicals are proper. Next clean your filter, weather a sand filter, cartridge filter, or a DE filter, make sure you clean your filter in order to maintain optimum filtration. The next thing you will do is SHOCK your pool. You will want to shock you pool water with a heavy amount of chlorine. I recommend using 3 times your normal amount. Ex: if you normally use 2lbs of shock a week you will put 6lbs of shock in your pool to clear up the algae. (The reason you use this much is; algae reproduces very quickly and by adding a small amount of shock to your pool you are only killing a small amount of algae. In turn the next day the algae will have reproduced, replacing what algae you have killed the day before, and using up what chlorine you have placed in the pool.) A larger amount of shock will kill a larger amount of algae, and will continue to kill the algae until all the algae is dead. Having more chlorine in the pool so that, not all the chlorine is used up in one day. (It is better to put 5 pounds of shock in the pool in one day then it is to put 1 pound of shock in the pool in 5 days.)
Also keep in mind that chlorine is a toxic chemical that uses o2 to burn bacteria out of the water. So be sure not to use the pool while clearing up the algae.
You will run your pump 24hrs a day until the pool is completely clear.
What will happen is, you will wake up the next day to notice your pool is no longer green but cloudy. This is a good thing. This means you have killed the algae and what is left in the pool is the shell of the algae. Continue to run your pump for 24hrs a day until the cloudiness is removed from the water.
In short, make sure your filter is cleaned. Balance your chemicals. Super shock your pool with 3 times your normal, weekly amount. Run your pump 24hrs a day until even the cloudiness is removed from the water. Make sure there is no activity in the pool while this process takes place.

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