Close Your Pool With Winter Covers

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2009 in Articles

The purpose of closing your in-ground swimming pool is to protect it from negative conditions such as cold temperature, natural debris, and evaporation. Closing method allows you to keep your pool clean for the next swimming season. Proper winterizing of water and installment of pool winter covers can save the owners like your from distressing work when opening the pool.

Step 1: Remove the pool accessories such ladder, grab rail, pool heater, and diving board. Have them cleaned and keep them inside a dry storage room.

Step 2: Clear out all the debris found in your water using pool net skimmer. Brush the walls and decks of your pool with a brush. Make sure you brush them lightly. The final step of cleaning your pool is vacuuming the pool area. After cleaning, throw away the debris collected inside the skimmer basket.

Step 3: Winterize your swimming pool with the chemicals. When buying chemicals, ensure that you purchase a right winterizing chemicals for your pool. Follow the instructions stated in the manual and be sure to apply them at the required concentration level. Run your pool water pump for a day. This procedure helps the water and chemicals to circulate well.

Step 4: Lower the water until it reaches the below part of the skimmer. Also, clean the filters of your swimming pool. Just follow the manufacturer's guidelines in cleaning the filters. Each systems have different methods of cleaning. Replace the filters if needed. Some filters only last for 6 months.

Step 5: Close your in-ground pool with pool winter cover. Spread the cover evenly across your swimming pool. The cover will protect your pool against the external elements. If possible, place an item that will hold the cover.

Water tubes are economical cover supplements which give ample weight. When using water tubes, spare a little space inside the item to give for the water once it expands. Put an anti-freezing chemical inside the tubes.

Important Notes:

1.When buying a pool winter cover, make sure it is bigger than your pool size. An additional 3 feet in every side is enough. The excess space on the cover bars the entrance of air. Pool winter covers come in two types - mesh and solid winter cover. If you reside in a region where the level of precipitation is extreme, use a mesh-styled cover.

2.Winterizing chemicals are vital to your swimming pool. When buying a kit, make sure it has the following chemicals: Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, pH increaser & decreaser, calcium hardness increaser, and alkalinity increaser. Concentration level of applying each chemicals must be followed. You may also use an algaecide to prevent algal bloom in your swimming pool upon spring.

Your swimming pool is ready for the winter season. Opening your pool for the summer can be easier if you use a pool leaf cover. This net-like cover separates the solid debris from the puddle of liquid accumulated on the pool cover. You can remove the liquid on the cover using a pool cover pump. This how-to method will maintain the life of your investment.

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