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by Pool Builders on 04-02-2011 in Articles

Winter season creeps up on us every single year. If you are a new pool owner you should be equipped with the knowledge of how to close your swimming pool for the cold season. Not closing your pool will be a hassle. The water will hardened to ice and the bacteria growth will be unimaginable.

In effectively closing a pool for the cold, you will need a team of reliable chemicals and up to date and sturdy equipment. If you don't have these yet opt to buy them at your local home depot first. Do not hesitate to ask for the best options for your pool. The investment will be worth it.

Now there are two ways to close your pool: keep the water or drain the water. Both options are fine. But of course each action comes with its corresponding instructions. Here are the guidelines.


You will need:

Water test strips
Total alkalinity increaser
ph increaser/decreaser
Calcium hardness increaser
Chlorine stabilizer
Granular chlorine
Stain metal and stain control
Pool anti freeze
Rubber gloves
A timer


1. Wear your safety goggles and rubber gloves.

2. Run your filter system for 3 days straight -- for about 2 hours each day. This will help in clearing out debris from your pool.

3. Test your water's ph, alkalinity and hardness levels with your water test strips. Adjust them accordingly. The water test strips will show you a certain color once you've dipped it into your pool. That color comes with corresponding steps to either increase or decrease the level results.

4. Clean and store all your pool accessories. Accessories include pool ladders, diving boards and etc.

5. Clear away all the debris from your pool by using your pool skimmer net, brush and vacuum.

6. Pour out your stain, metal and stain control into the pool water.

7. Apply the granulated chlorine and let it circulate for about 6 hours. Next, add the algaecide and let it be for 4 hours. Use a timer to track them.

8. Lower your pool water just below the skimmer opening and install the freeze plugs.

9. Shut your filter pump and drain and store all equipment.

10. Cover up your pool and secure it.


You will need:

Safety goggles
Rubber gloves
A gas mask
A shovel
A trash bag
A hose
Chemical pump spray
Muriatic acid


1. Drain your pool water. This will take about a day or two.

2. Pick up all the debris that is left on your pool floor with a shovel then put them in your trash bag.

3. Gear up. Wear your goggles, gas mask and gloves. Refrain also from wearing sleeveless tees and shorts.

4. Put your muriatic acid in the chemical pump spray. Afterwards, start spraying on your entire pool surface. Lastly, hose them down with water and repeat it a second time.

5. Close down your pool for the winter season.

Closing your pool for the cold is an absolute must. Purchase quality equipment and chemicals to help you finish up the job. Remember, a happy pool makes a happy family.

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