Closing Your Pool For The Winter  

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2011 in Articles

At the end of the swimming season it is advisable to follow this closing down procedure, to protect your pool and its equipment, and also to make it easier to open in the Spring. .

Winterizing - 9 Point Summary

1. Remove your solar cover to protect from frost and ice. Wash off thoroughly, fold or roll, and store in a clean, dry place. Solar covers are vulnerable to attack from chlorine so a cover should be washed off before storing for the winter. Any reels should be moved indoors if possible, if not, fitting a Reel Storage Cover will offer some protection.

2.Remove leaves and debris, thoroughly brush and clean sides and floor of the pool, and vacuum all over. Dirt left in the water is a common cause of algae growth. To avoid this, make sure it is removed now.

3. Adjust the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 and dose using Chlorine Shock Granules. The effectiveness of chlorine can be vastly reduced if the pH is out of range. A good dose of chlorine at the end of the summer will help to prevent algae growth during the close dwn period.

4.Next make sure to add a correct dose of Wintering Algaecide, to keep the water clear over the Winter. Use either a longer life one or a standard algaecide. The longer life is only dosed once, but is more expensive, whereas the standard needs to be added every 2 weeks.You need to use a specialist Winter Algaecide, rather than a summer one, which does not contain any flocculant.

5. Backwash filter, to remove any dirt and sediment, leaving the sand clean for the new season.

6. It is important to drain water from the pool. This allows room for winter rainfall, and also from pipework in case of freezing temperatures.Drain down the equipment, and if possible, store the pump in a dry environment, or coat with a moisture repellent spray.

7. Float some buoyant material (i.e. some part filled plastic bottles) in the water to allow expansion of ice therefore preventing damage. Plastic bottles will be crushed as the ice expands, lessening any pressure on the structure.

8. Next, any equipment that can be removed, for example ladders, skimmer baskets etc, should be stored inside away from the elements.

9. Finally fit the Winter Debris Cover. This is essential to prevent dirt entering during the winter. Make sure it fits the pool correctly otherwise all the work that has been done so far could be in vain.

Check the pool periodically over the winter. Add more winterising chemicals if necessary, and lower the water level in the event of heavy rainfall.

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