Cloth Swim Diapers - Are They Better Than Diaper Covers When Swimming?

by Pool Builders on 01-23-2011 in Articles

You feel great for doing your part to help the earth by cloth diapering but now your sweet bundle of joy wants to go to the water-park. What should you pick to wear? Well, there are cloth swim diapers that will suit your needs, but can you use just a plain old diaper cover? What is the best option for a fun-filled day at the pool or the beach?

Reusable swim diapers may be your first choice. They are made of a waterproof exterior, and generally a mesh interior that can be washed and worn again. Most are created with superior bindings to contain content, but are easily removed with velcro or snaps at the waist. What is really great is that they do not require the use of any extra diapers! Plus, they come in many fashionable designs and prints. Public swimming communities often require these diapers for all babies entering a wet area. Whether you are using cloth diapers or not, they are a good investment because regular disposables get heavy and water-logged within minutes of any kind of water activity. Some popular swim diaper brands include Bummis, Kushies, Real Nappies, Sun Smarties, Imse Vimse, and Baby Banz. Kidalog even makes an organic cloth swim diaper. Some of these come in just one adjustable size, but others come in a range of sizes to better fit the baby.

What if you do not have swim diapers - can you just use a prefold diaper and a diaper cover? In theory, yes, but in practice, not so much! While diaper covers are waterproof, the prefold inside is just too absorbent and will become just as water-logged as a disposable which may lead to chafing and a diaper rash for the baby. Leaks will be inevitable, also.

If neither of these options are appealing, there are disposable swim diapers that can be used and tossed after your day of play. The most popular brand is Little Swimmers by Huggies. These are easily found in store during warmer months and usually on clearance during the off season. A package of twelve can cost about the same as one cloth swim diaper, but they can not be reused.

All in all, cloth swim diapers are a better alternative. Of course, your baby will not care as long as there are puddles to be splashed!

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