Cloudy Pool Water - Causes and How to Treat It

by Pool Builders on 05-03-2009 in Articles

Cloudy pool water is one of, if not the most, common problem faced by pool owners today. Unfortunately, there are many, many factors that can contribute to cloudy pool water. Here are some of the more common issues:

  • Early Algae Growth
  • Bad filtration (Filter is too small, needs cleaning or replaced)
  • Poor Pool Circulation
  • Too much many "unfilterable" wastes brought in by swimmers (make up, lotion, etc.)
  • Water is too warm, causing faster sanitizing use.
  • High pH which lessens the effect of chlorine
  • High Calcium concentration
  • Lack of proper pool maintenance

This is just a really small list of the things that can cause cloudy pool water. Treating these all depend on what is causing the problem. You may need to replace your filter, or change its size. In the case of pool circulation, some times having too great of a horsepower is actually bad for your pool.

Checking and maintaining a good chemical balance is also a must. There is no set amount of how much sanitizer you need. You can always add more, but you can't take it out. So put in bits at a time, and test the water regularly until it's balanced properly. Make sure you're sitting at a pH of around 7.2-7.6 in order for the chlorine to be more effective.

If after getting all the chemicals balanced to optimum levels (this will take some time) you don't notice a difference then the problem could very well be mechanical or environmental. Test your pump, filters, heater, everything that you use to operate your pool and make sure they are working properly.

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