Co2 Ph Control  

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2009 in Articles

When it comes to maintaining your swimming pool, there are so many aspects that homeowners are unaware of, concerning the chemical aspect of maintenance. However, reputable pool companies understand all of the ins and outs of getting the right chemical balance in your swimming pool to ensure that it is as safe as possible for swimming and cavorting in the blue water.

One such method that experienced pool companies are drawing upon is Co2 pH control []. The use of CO2 for pH adjustment is one of the most cost effective methods of pH balance and is far superior to utilizing sulfuric acid to achieve the same balance. Moreover, CO2 pH control is a better environmental alternative, offering pool companies and homeowners alike to "go green" through more environmentally-friend pool maintenance.

CO2 pH control offers greater overall control of the pH levels of a swimming pool, reducing extremely high pH levels much more quickly than some of the more traditional methods. It is a self-buffering process, particularly once it reaches the more neutral pH levels in the pool water.

It is also a safe process since CO2 is not stored specifically as an acid solution, which also means less of a catastrophe should the pool chemicals ever be handled improperly for any reason. CO2 pH control requires less cost in terms of maintenance since the CO2 itself needs little equipment and no added monitoring costs. There are also no handling costs associated with the process, as the system used to initiate it can be completely automated.

Co2 pH control [] is important because the right pH balance is essential to a healthy, safe swimming pool environment. The right balance means that the water is disinfected and much safer to swim in. The right balance will maximize the life of your swimming pool and all of its components and while sulfuric acid tends to eat away at pool accessories and components, CO2 does not have the element to its use.

Swimming pool companies are always on the lookout for the latest innovations that they can incorporate into the pools of their clients to ensure more efficient, safe swimming pools and spa structures and a greener alternative, which is important to companies of all types. CO2 pH control offers all of that and more, which is why it has become the preferred method of pH control for the best and most experienced swimming pool companies.

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