Coffs Harbour's Famous Pet Porpoise Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2009 in Articles

Coffs Harbour's famous Pet Porpoise Pool is one of the places you most certainly have to see if you venture into Coffs Harbour territory. A visit to Coffs Harbour without a trip to the famous Pet Porpoise Pool is not complete. The water-based attraction park is a unique park that lures in tourists of all ages. Every visitor of the marine park will get the chance to see a variety of exotic marine species up close and even to interact with seals and dolphins. Even watching in the sidelines, for those who don't want to get close, will certainly be a memorable experience since the shows are exciting and very entertaining. Coffs Harbour's famous Pet Porpoise Pool offers an experience you definitely should not miss.

Aiming to be the world's most interactive marine park, the famous tourist attraction in Coffs Harbour provides not just enjoyment but also an educational experience for its visitors. Aside from that, the animals in the park are given a safe and healthy place to live and to grow. The experience of being closer to animals, on the other hand, is a motivating and inspiring factor that helps people learn to appreciate animals more. After an experience at the Pet Porpoise Pool, your view on animals will certainly be much more positive and nurturing.

The main attraction at the Pet Porpoise Pool is the Dolphin Show. Pet Porpoise Pool has been licensed to exhibit dolphins since 1969 when it started out as a marine life rescue and rehabilitation centre. The Dolphin Show shows off the unique abilities of the Coffs Harbour dolphins in a magical display that will surely entertain and even awe. All the shows are mostly hands-on, as well, meaning you don't just watch; you also get to interact with the stars of the attractions themselves. If you want, you can even swim with the dolphins and feed them. The star of the show, Bucky, is also warmly welcoming, allowing visitors to even brush his teeth.

There is also a seal encounter attraction at the marine park. Seals are known as very friendly animals. Get hugged and kissed by Pet Porpoise Pool's seals and take lots of pictures so you will remember your trip to Coffs Harbour's famous Pet Porpoise Pool for a long time to come. The seal shows, just like the dolphin shows, are both available all year through.

Other marine animals you can see there are penguins, sharks, turtles, and rays, as well as myriads of fish types. Aside from marine animals, Pet Porpoise Pool also serves as a rehabilitation centre for non-marine animals that are injured or left in the wild. This is made possible with the cooperation of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. So don't be surprised if you also see cockatoos, kangaroos, and emus, among many others.

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