Colourbond and Pool Fences

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2010 in Articles

All homes need a fence of some kind and many people choose a Colourbond fence to give privacy, a little shade and years of wear. Colourbond fencing has many good points. It is not affected by white ants or termites so is ideal for use in those areas that are affected by these creatures. It does not need constant painting as the colour is bonded into the end product during the manufacturing process. Colourbond fencing is strong and stable if correctly installed and cannot be burned, though it may crumple during a hot bushfire. It will give privacy from the neighbours' nosy stares and add value to the home block. It also looks good.

On the other hand if you have a pool, you will need a pool fence to comply with regulations. But a Colourbond fence may not be the answer, even though you may think it will give privacy. When the kids are playing in the pool, you need to be able to keep an eagle eye on them at all times, even if they are older children.

A pool fence that is constructed from a series of alternating spaced vertical uprights will give you plenty of space to see through it and keep an eye on what is happening. This kind of pool fence is much harder for those mischievous children to climb up and get into the pool when no one is looking, too. In fact, they will find it impossible to do so, giving you peace of mind.

But if you have a pool you may want to consider adding a shade sail for the safety and comfort of those who love to swim. Since skin cancer is caused in many cases from getting sunburned, a shade sail will also give you peace of mind in knowing that you have provided an environment that is as safe as possible for your children to have fun in.

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