Combating The Complaints Pink Lace Wigs Have Received  

by Pool Builders on 12-22-2010 in Articles

Combating The Complaints Pink Lace Wigs Have Received

This are definitely a rage these days, but there are some complaints pink wigs have been getting. Although none of them have been drastic, but it is good to know about the problems so you can prevent it in future with your pink lace wig.

One of the common complaints have received is that of shedding. While some light shedding is normal for this, if your wig starts shedding a lot on brushing, it is most likely due to lack of care and maintenance. This can be avoided by taking good care of your hair unit. Here are some suggestions. Avoid combing your wig while it is still wet. Ensure you remove the lace wig glue before combing or washing your wig. Washing your lace wig too frequently makes the hair rough which could lead to hair fall. Avoid using hair styling products that have a high percentage of alcohol in them. The complaints have received is largely due to lack of care.

There could also be some other causes for shedding. Sometimes cheaper priced wigs could mean cheaper quality, hence hair fall. At times the knots in your wig could result in loosening due to washing. If the lace of the wig has been cut way too deep, it could also result in hair fall. What is recommended to combat the complaints pink lace wigs get is an acrylic sealer, the TDI Knot Sealer. Wash your wig, let it dry, turn it inside out and spray it with the Knot Sealer. Spray a light coat and allow it to dry. Repeat this process for a couple of times.

You can also take some precautionary methods to avoid your wig from falling. For instance, tie your hair in a pony tail or braid up your hair before going to sleep. This prevents knotting of the hair which often results in shedding. If you want to dazzle your friends in the swimming pool with your pink lace wig, think again! Damaged, bald spots and extreme shedding have been some complaints pink lace wigs received after a dip in the pool without taking precautions! Chlorine and salt from the pool are very harmful for your wig and can damage it immediately so wear a swimming cap at all times to the pool.

These were some common complaints you have received in the past. Once you are aware of how to care for your wig unit, you will not have these kinds of problems. Ensure you follow the precautionary methods and your pink lace wig is bound to last you for a good period of time.

This are surely a crowd puller, but lack of good care and proper maintenance could lead to your wig unit shedding hair rapidly.

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