Commercial Pool Furniture - Stylish And Durable

by Pool Builders on 01-10-2011 in Articles

Hotels, resorts and public swimming pools require heavy duty commercial pool furniture that will stand up to the rigors of everyday use. This does not mean that the products cannot be modernistic and stylish though. Manufacturers of outdoor furniture have found ways to produce durable items that are still eye appealing and comfortable.

Commercial pool furniture for hospitality operations comes in many colors and styles. Depending on the area where the groupings are to be placed and the décor there are several styles available that will withstand aggressive use. The frames for these furnishings can be made of metal, composite plastics or even wood. The seating areas for chairs and loungers can be solid materials, cross weaved or even cushioned and padded. No matter what décor is being matched there are commercial pool groupings that will meet the purpose. Shopping for this type of furniture may mean doing some research and insuring that the furniture is truly good quality.

Swimming supply stores and on line companies that specialize in working with commercial accounts will have several types available. Some things to look for are the way the frames are put together. Be sure that the areas where the frame pieces are joined is solid and any welds or joints are well built. Any strapping or fabric materials should be mold and mildew resistant. Insuring that fabrics will not fade in direct sunlight and can easily be cleaned is also necessary. Several online retailers also sell commercial pool furniture. As always research in the beginning will avoid problems later on.

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