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Swimming pool slides can add a huge amount of fun to a pool; but there are also a huge amount of options to choose from. From the materials used to the many different styles out there, choosing a pool slide might not be as easy a task as it sounds. But know what you're looking for, a little bit about swimming pool slides, and the choice will be a lot easier.
If you want a swimming pool that's going to be a permanent fixture, you might want to choose a concrete slide. These can be built right into the pool and can be designed to look like traditional slides, or you can form them in a unique shape, such as a rock garden. The slides that the we use to create an ambiance in the back yard are often formed out of concrete adjacent to the waterfall and then finished with tile. This allows for a custom design, as well as ease of maintenance and great function.
Commercial Pools South Shore - Many confuse them for plastic swimming pool slides, but the two can be quite different and fiberglass slides can actually be much more stable and durable. Depending on the pool that they are being installed on, they may stick out visually, unless they can be hidden and disguised in the environment. Some people want a slide to look like a slide. Some may want the design to be incorporated into the environment so it's not an eyesore. Plastic slides however, can be some of the most inexpensive, can be easily removed, and can also be inflatable. Inflatable swimming pool slides are becoming extremely popular because they can easily be deflated and put away for storage.
The type of material you choose for your slide might also be a deciding factor in the ultimate style of pool water slide you get, although that's not always the case. Slides come in many different styles but the most popular are straight, slides that have twists and turns, and tunnel-style, which are enclosed. One of our homeowners wanted the largest, fastest slide they could get while installing their inground pool. They were not concerned with how it looked, but rather with how it functioned.
Residential Pool Remodeling Boston - Another element of a swimming pool slide's style is the height of it. Residential swimming pool slides usually range from four feet to eight feet high, and the higher they are the more expensive they are, too. When a slide is higher it's also usually faster, which could be an added safety concern for parents, in addition to the height.
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