Common Issues With Automatic Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 03-17-2010 in Articles

The use of a pool cleaner to perform routine maintenance on the swimming pool has been a cause of relief for pool owners. Although there are models that can be operated manually, most of these cleaners are available in the market operate automatically. While most automatic cleaners are found useful, they also suffer several issues that cause problems to pool owners.

A common problem is that the hose can get stuck on pool ladders, floats and other pool fixtures. This is usually the case when the cleaner's hose curl causing it to move in circles. This can be easily remedied by laying the hose straight in the deck and getting the hose warmed up to uncurl it. This is so because there is a tendency for the plastic hoses to curl with exposure to cold water. A little heat from the sun or some warm water can keep the plastic hoses straight.

Sometimes the pool cleaners do not cover the whole pool. They can also stay in just one end. This may be caused by a short hose attaching to the unit. The pool cleaners are only as good as the filtration system. With vacuum-type cleaners, the filter baskets can get clogged up and the intakes can also get obstructed. It is important therefore to clean the filters and connections every so often to keep the cleaner working.

There are also instances when the pool cleaners are not moving or pulsating. Common causes may be due to lack of water, the clogging of filters and baskets, open main drains and debris caught up in pool cleaner's wheels or flappers.

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