Common Misconceptions About Children’S Swimming Lessons Debunked  

by Pool Builders on 03-19-2014 in Articles

There are many misconceptions about children's swimming lessons and it is very important that these are addressed. Unfortunately, most of them have been circulated by parents who simply don't know what they are talking about, but because they make it sound good enough, people believe what they are saying. The result of this has been that there is quite a lot of negativity about infant swimming lessons, which is shocking when you consider the amazing benefits it actually offers. Let's try to dispel some of these myths.

Myth 1 - Children should not swim until they are four.

This is absolute nonsense. New born babies love water, as they have spent the first nine months of their lives submerged, so why wouldn't they love to go back to it? Also, by allowing your baby to go on swimming lessons (which is little else than fun in the pool at that age), you are making them confident around water and ready for when they really learn the strokes. It is never too early to start (or too late).
Myth 2 - Children who have had swimming lessons cannot drown.

This is a very dangerous myth. Anybody can drown, even if they are very strong swimmers. Children are more likely to drown because they are less aware of dangers. This is why, even if your child is a strong swimmer, you should not leave them alone in a pool.

Myth 3 - It is impossible to teach your child how to swim yourself.

This is part myth, part truth. Anybody can teach someone how to swim, and your child may even be able to teach themselves. However, it is certainly a lot easier to do it with a qualified instructor, because they know how to speak to kids and what knowledge should be conveyed first. However, how do you think people learned how to swim before lessons existed? If you can't afford lessons, for instance, there is no reason at all as to why you shouldn't be able to teach your child yourself. It may take a bit longer and their strokes may not be perfect, but it is better than nothing.

Hopefully, this information will have helped to get rid of some of the common myths that are out there. It is hugely important that you are aware of the realities of swimming lessons and swimming, and how important it is for a child to be able to swim. This is true not just in terms of their safety, but also in terms of their social and physical development.

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