Common Swimming Pool Hazards

by Pool Builders on 05-19-2010 in Articles

During the hot summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a dip in a cool swimming pool. Many people enjoy swimming pools for both recreation and a source of exercise. Thus, many neighborhoods provide pools for their residents. While this can be an attractive draw to a certain neighborhood, you should always first check for common swimming pool hazards before taking a swim.

Swimming pools as well as the deck area around them should be properly maintained so that you do not suffer from laceration or falls while enjoying the pool. If the tiles around the pool are old, they might have chips and cracks that can cause deep gashes in your feet and skin. Also, broken piping can cut you and transfer bacteria into your body, leading to infections. Lastly, if the pool deck is improperly graded, it can build up a layer of water that may result in a painful slip and fall.

Next, the pool's drain should be properly covered and turned down so that people do not become trapped in its pull. Tragically, some pools have overly strong drains, which can entrap weaker swimmers. This can cause drowning as well as disembowelment, an injury that can have lifelong repercussions on its victim.

If a pool has a diving board, it should be well-maintained so that people do not slip and fall off the board. With these elevated falls, someone can suffer from serious head trauma if they land on the decking or the edge of the board. The diving board should have barriers so that a person, even if they fall off the side, will land in the water. Additionally, a board should not be too high.

Lastly, pool maintenance crews must keep a safe balance of chemicals. The chemicals should help kill bacteria and parasites in the water, yet it should not be so strong that it causes chemical burns.

Pools should be fun, enjoyable, and safe. However, if the swimming pool is incorrectly maintained, it can lead to injury and even death.

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