Compliance Rules For An Above Ground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2011 in Articles

When you've decided to install an above ground swimming pool for your family to enjoy. Even if this type of construction can be done by do it yourselfers with the help of friends you've roped into help you out, you still need to follow the rules and regulations of your municipality. Statues vary by both state and municipality and there are also federal laws that govern safety and compliance when it comes to swimming pools.

Here are the rules you need to be aware of before tackling the project of putting in an above ground swimming pool:

Rules of construction: Before you even put one stake in the ground, there are municipal construction rules that need to be followed and building permits that need to be gathered. It's likely that the local building inspector will come and check the project before, during and after construction. Remember, when it comes to the electrical wiring for your project, you will need to have that done by a certified electrician and that, too will have to be inspected before you are allowed to use the pool.

Federal laws: When it comes to both above- and in-ground swimming pools there are laws that relate to in-pool filtration systems to guard against swimmers getting injured or trapped in the pool filter. This law was enacted in response to the drowning death of Virginia Graeme Baker, who was caught in a pool filter. Her parents pushed for the law which now governs these systems.

Specific state laws: In addition to the federal and local construction rules that govern your installation of a swimming pool, you will also need to check with the compliance regulations for your particular state. Typical laws pertain to fencing and other pool alarm systems to keep everyone safe. Rules also state that the gates should be closed and latched every the pool is unattended by adults.

Common sense rules: It's all well and good to have state, local and federal rules in place but as a swimming pool owner, you need to have your own set of safety rules in place to keep everyone safe. Your children should be aware that they are never allowed to swim when there is not an adult present. They should also know that they shouldn't have any riding toys on the deck area and that they shouldn't run on the deck.

Here are a few more safety tips to keep in mind.

  1. The most important, as mentioned, to never let your children play around the pool unsupervised.
  2. Make certain the fence around the pool is always locked.
  3. Always know how many children are in and around the pool - you never know when one of your children will invite more kids over and if something happens you need to have a headcount.
  4. Make certain someone knows CPR in the event of an accident.

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