Concrete Swimming Pools - 5 Reasons Why Concrete is the Best Choice!

by Pool Builders on 06-29-2010 in Articles

A home swimming and/or wading pool offers a fantastic way to enjoy the summer sunshine and unwind at the same time. You are able to have as much fun as you like when you install a pool in your yard. But what kind of pool should you put in?

Although above ground pools may be cheaper to buy, easier to set up, and cheaper to run, a whole lot of individuals prefer to have inground pools. This is mostly true because inground pools supply a whole lot more room for friends and family to swim. More elbow room certainly means less opportunity of bumping in to other swimmers. Any homeowner who has a big family or a lot of friends would greatly profit from a bigger, inground pool.

Even though you will find many good alternatives when deciding on the type of inground swimming pool, my viewpoint is that concrete pools are the ideal option. When choosing the best pool for you personally and your loved ones, it is important to arm yourself with adequate knowledge. To that end, I've provided 5 tips to keep in mind:

Concrete swimming pools tip #1: It is a good investment.

A concrete pool can provide advantages to the investor whether they are buying a home, selling a home, or remodeling. For a brand new home owner it's frequently challenging to personalize a formerly lived-in home. Luckily, the installment of a concrete swimming pool offers the chance to make the home feel like their own.

Concrete swimming pools tip #2: It will improve home values.

If a home owner has lived in their home for a while and are eager for an alteration, a concrete pool can truly pay off. And for the individual looking to sell their house there is no smarter remodeling investment than a concrete pool. It's a reality that a pool will attract a higher quality purchaser. These well-heeled buyers usually spend more cash on a home purchase if they discover a concrete swimming pool as part of the home package.

Concrete swimming pools tip #3: It'll enhance the look of the property.

As long as a high quality professional is employed, you'll find a radical improvement in the appearance of the property after putting in a concrete swimming pool. These experts are well equipped to provide fresh ideas you may have not considered. One case in point would be retaining walls. With retaining wall design you've the opportunity to improve your property and personalize it to complement your demands. There are quite a few ways to change the form of your landscape as a by-product of the new concrete swimming pool. You will have created a brand new and thrilling atmosphere for you to live in.

Concrete swimming pools tip #4: Concrete Offers Variety.

When using concrete as your primary material, you can have your pool custom poured, providing a broad flexibility in design. In addition, a brand new swimming pool could be completed with plaster and can even be painted if desired. My personal favorite is to add tiles around the edges. All these options will bring a much more elegant appearance to any pool setting.

Concrete Swimming pools tip #5: Concrete is durable.

Concrete lasts for years and years, and unlike other pool materials, it doesn't need to be replaced. Your cash is more wisely invested on a product which will last virtually forever, even if it demands a larger up-front expense. Wouldn't you agree?


Concrete pools are the perfect material choice for families who like to swim, or those who wish to have the biggest pool. Even though they take a lot of time to build and cost much more money upfront, they pay for themselves many times over. If installed and taken care of properly, a concrete swimming pool ought to be a source of satisfaction for decades to come!

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