Concrete Swimming Pools Offer Design Freedom

by Pool Builders on 03-11-2009 in Articles

Ever wonder why it is some swimming pools look sort of plain and blah, whilst others stand out like beacons of refreshment and beauty within their landscapes? Chances are the ones that captured your attention were concrete pools. This type of swimming pool tends to have superior beauty thanks to the flexibility of design offered.

Concrete swimming pools are different than other models for a few very distinct reasons. They stand out because they:

* Can be custom designed - When a very specific design is desired or there is a reason to alter existing designs to fit space constraints, concrete pools are very easy to work with. When a custom pool is ordered, for example, a pool contractor will work directly with a client to create a unique, one-of-a-kind design. This style of swimming pool can be crafted to include a variety of special features, as well. These can be added during the design phase.

* Are hand shaped and built - Creating inground swimming pools made of concrete requires an expert touch. Skilled and experienced pool builders will take the time to carefully frame out and shape designs so they meet the specifications request. Thanks to this, concrete pools can be crafted to suit almost any sized and configured space.

* Are capable of taking on different geometric shapes - Concrete pools are not all squares, rectangles or circles. Thanks to the custom design ability and the hand crafting, this type of pool can actually have a very complex shaping theme. Some people, for example, choose to craft very unique pools that resemble animals or unusual geometric configurations. There is no reason to settle for a plain kidney when concrete provides the flexibility to dream up a wholly unique design.

* Can accept many different façade styles - When pools and spas are made of concrete, the finished look can involve a number of different options. Some people prefer painted surfaces, for example. Others, however, like the distinction that glass mosaics and custom finishes provide. The outer appearance of concrete pools, in short, has no real limitations. Whilst fiberglass and vinyl pools might be limited in appearance, concrete is not.

* Will hold their appearance - Whilst it's true a pool owner will have to take care with maintenance, concrete pools tend to hold up extremely well over time. When a skilled and experienced contractor is used to construct the pool, the end design will stand the test of time quite well. Concrete pools are created from scratch to withstand and maintain their beauty.

* Will hold their value - Concrete pools that are well designed and constructed tend to add value to a property. This value is likely to hold over time and perhaps even gain along with a home. A stunning custom design that also includes pool landscaping, for example, can be a big selling point for a piece of property.

Concrete swimming pools are a little more costly and time consuming to have installed. When beauty, durability and flexibility of design matter, this option is the most solid to select. Anyone can put in a stock inground model, but it takes a real craftsman to build a custom designed concrete pool.

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