Condo Management Services: Should Your Community Have a Pool Smoking Ban?  

by Pool Builders on 12-15-2013 in Articles

In terms of fire hazards, if there is one place where it would seem safe to use cigarettes, a swimming pool would be it. Water can't burn, and the cement surrounding the swimming pool can't either. So, why are some association-governed condo complexes extending their tobacco ban to include the community pool? While the reasons vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, below are some of the most common reasons why condominium complexes are banning tobacco at the swimming pool.

The Danger of Secondhand Smoke

You probably won't inhale as much secondhand smoke at an outdoor swimming pool as you would in a smoke filled pool room, but the danger still exists if tobacco use is permitted. Studies have shown that second hand smoke can be so detrimental to human health that most people don't want to encounter it in even the smallest amount. When people light up at swimming pools, they tend to become an island amid the crowd, as people try to steer clear of the wafting plumes.

The Litter of Cigarette Butts

Apparently, many people do not consider cigarette butts to be litter, and flick them wherever they please when they are finished using cigarettes. Due to their small size and tendency to accumulate in great quantities in areas where cigarettes are permitted, cigarette butts can take several hours for maintenance crews to completely clean up. Considering that the problem could be easily avoided, the time maintenance personnel spend correcting it essentially amounts to money wasted.

The Public Perception of Cigarettes

As federal, state, and municipal laws put the clamp on tobacco use, the practice of smoking cigarettes has started to seem like less of an old social custom and more of a contemporary sensory annoyance. Condominiums that allow people to light up in common areas will inherently seem less attractive to prospective homebuyers who shun tobacco use for reasons above. This is a major reason who condo management services recommend condominium complexes to become completely tobacco-free.


Permitting smoking at the community pool might not seem like such as big deal, but many HOA residents would disagree. In some condo communities, anti smoking sentiment has grown so strong that the provider of condo management services enforces a tobacco ban at the community swimming pool. For assistance developing an anti smoking initiative for the swimming pool and other areas in your community, contact a provider of condo management services today.

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