Condominium Units with Private Pool Entry  

by Pool Builders on 12-26-2011 in Articles

How would you like to have something that can only be found in the Amazon Pattaya Condominium? No, it's not fully furnished condominium units. No, it's not highly maintained and first class amenities. It's not even the services given by the staff to the residents. All these are present in Amazon but what we are referring here is something really very basic, one that may not even be an important feature to consider for some property investors. What is it? Well, it's a private pool entry right through the balcony for those units on the ground level. Yes, Amazon Paradise Jomtien offers direct pool access for those who love swimming and floating in a jungle flair-lagoon structured swimming pool.

We did say that this is not really something huge as a feature, but think of the benefits of having direct pool access right outside your balcony. There are a number really, no matter how small such advantages can be for most people. The greatest advantage would of course be the main point of accessibility. If you'll own an Amazon unit on the ground level, you do not have to pass through your main door, down a hallway and through the pool entrance to use the said swimming area. Technically, you would need to pass through several places first before you can avail of the pool services. You would even have to go through more entrances and exits when your condominium unit is not on the ground level.

Another good thing too about this private pool entry is for its aesthetic sense. Having a unit not just near but right along the swimming pool is an attractive feature, especially because the grandness of Amazon Paradise Jomtien swimming pool is more than its size of 1,200 square meters. For one, it is Jomtien's best architecturally designed swimming pool yet. It is designed to have several islets for relaxation. Plus, it has grottos with jungle looking plants and caves with sunbathing lounge chairs. There are also rock formations that have mini waterfalls streaming down from them. To add to the exceptional leisure experience of the residents, the Amazon Pattaya Condominium incorporates real beach sand around the pool. Surely, these things are not jut functional for the Amazon condominium but also great beauty attractions for the residents. Just try picturing out a unit that is directly across a waterfall. Simply breathtaking.

An additional advantage of having direct access to the pool has something to do with the coolness factor. The direct access can provide coolness to the residents when the heat outside is too much. How come we can say that it can provide coolness? Remember that the whole Amazon pool is decorated with plants as well as trees to make the pool look like the real thing. Trees are considered to be useful around water areas. The trees provide the coolness factor for the pool. So if the unit is directly in front of the waters, the trees and the waters of the pool will serve as a coolness source for the unit.

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