Conquering Your Fear of Water Through Swimming

by Pool Builders on 09-02-2010 in Articles

People often keep away from water and swimming despite knowing that swimming is one of the best forms of exercises when compared to other activities. Instead they choose to sweat over jogging for miles or exercising every day when it is much easier, enjoyable and more advantageous to go swimming.

The below facts are sure to make you sit up and pack your bags to go swimming.

Swimming unlike jogging provides overall fitness of your body and exercises all the parts. While your legs get exercised with beating and hands with rowing, your chest muscles and stomach too get to work out. You breathing expand your lung capacity and you have overall fitness that happens with this one activity.

If you were faced with the prospect of jogging miles on a lonely road out in the cold to swimming in warm water pool having fun with playing games, what would you prefer. You would prefer swimming of course. How about jogging on a summer afternoon sweating to swimming in cold water in summer, Very inviting isn't it? Yes swimming is not only a sport that gives your overall exercising benefit but an enjoyable and relaxing recreation too.

Swimming unlike other exercises can be continued even as you grow old. Without having to worry about risk of injuries you can let the buoyancy take care of your body weight and enjoy your swim even when you are old. But this is not the case with other sports like jogging or fitness training. You cannot risk lifting weights and expose yourself to spinal injuries or breaking bones. Swimming on the other had is very safe and enjoyable.

Are you afraid of water? Then you will have to first get rid of this fear before you start swimming lessons.

Swimming is about learning to breath in water just like the fish do and rowing with your legs and hands in co-ordination to row in water and move forward. This is called stroking. Breathing technique involves learning to exhale under water and reach up to the surface to breath in fresh air. Within a few days you will be able to master both techniques and pick up the knack. This is when you will begin to enjoy swimming and exercising too.

Before signing up for swimming lessons, it is always better that you consult your physician and have a word with him. He would know your body condition and would be able to guide you appropriately.

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