Consider Akbuk for a Summer Holiday in Turkey  

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Akbuk is in the centre of Turkey's coastline situated between Bodrum and Kusadasi. This low key holiday resort is in a superb location set by the Aegean sea.

The resort of Akbuk is surrounded by forests that contain a large concentration of olive and pine trees. If you are planning a stay here you will find the region has many small clean beaches and bays, lapped by a clean, safe, and warm sea making this Turkish holiday resort ideal for families.

As far as past times go, Akbuk was once a fishing village but is now a resort in Turkey which is a popular holiday location for thousands of people from various parts of Europe. The main summer holiday makers being Turkish residents as well as people from England.

What is Akbuk like?

This quaint resort has been largely untouched and unspoiled by the major tourist industry. What you can expect is a traditional Turkish village that offers low key attractions and with the best things that Turkey offers. The central area of this village is next to the harbour where you can still see traditional fishermen going out each day to cast their nets. The harbour is also the place where you can boOK and enjoy a boat trip whether this is for fishing, a relaxing day out visiting nearby sandy coves or just for sight seeing.

If you prefer a relatively quiet place to take a week or two's break during the summer months, then Akbuk should be on your list! Here you can do as much or as little as you like.

Next to the harbour is where most of this resorts restaurants and bars are located, including two in particular which we feel are worthy of a mention. If you don't want to waste time (and also your money) then bypass all the other eateries and head straight to either The Garden or Pasa. You will not be disappointed at either of these two Akbuk restaurants which really do offer great food as well as customer service.

This area is also where you will find the several bars and cafes that Akbuk offers. Again these are relatively low key so don't go expecting plush chairs and tables when you sit down for a cold beer or cocktail.

The holiday resort of Akbuk has one main road that runs from one end of the village to the other, it is along this road where you will find most of the holiday accommodation that consists of apartments, villas, houses, and a handful of small hotels.

Near to most apartment complex units are convenience and grocery stores, these allow you to stroll down to them when required and pick up essentials such as bread, milk, eggs, and food stuffs which are needed if you are on a self catering holiday.

What is the weather like?

This resort in Turkey enjoys an average of around 300 sunny days a year and has a gentle breeze that blows down from the surrounding hills. This is really welcoming during the peak summer months when temperatures can reach up into the 40's (Degrees C).

Local Restaurants:

As mentioned above these are located close to the harbour area in the centre of this resort. If you are travelling to this part of Turkey do not expect Akbuk to be another Altinkum, it is far from it. Most of the Akbuk restaurants offer pretty much the same menu, traditional Turkish food and drink. Some have attempted to lure UK holiday makers in with "English", "Chinese", and "Indian" meals, but these are best avoided. Stick to traditional Turkish food and you will not go far wrong, just avoid the restaurants and cafes that are only after your money. How do you spot them? Well this can be hard but we are sure you will come across them if you stray from the likes of The Garden and Pasa. Just loOK out for eateries that have themed entertainment on and you will see what we mean. If you avoid any restaurant that has Turkish dancing on then you should be OK, just pick a nice restaurant that can concentrate on serving you with high quality food that you expect whilst on holiday. We don't want to appear to be telling you which the best restaurant is in Akbuk, or provide a review on them, but we do think the ones that stand out above the others are worthy of a mention at least.

Local Shops:

Akbuk has a selection of shops and supermarkets selling just about everything for your day to day needs whilst staying here on holiday. These include hairdressers, barbers, furniture shops, household, electrical, hardware shops, clothes shops, internet caf©'s, dentists, chemists, plumbers merchants etc.

Holiday Accomodation:

The bulk of the accommodation here is made up of Holiday Apartments that are situated on complex sites. The apartments are operated by both English as well as Turkish people that recognise the beauty that this quaint resort offers and who have chosen to buy a holiday apartment here. Apartments in Akbuk are of different sizes with some being capable of sleeping up to parties of six people, slightly smaller ones tend to accommodate up to four people maximum as a general rule.

Most of the apartment sites here tend to have at least one swimming pool, some though such as the one called Yasmin Gardens have multiple pools, on this complex the pools are in a tiered formation with even a shallow depth swimming pool that is suitable for use by the "little ones".

There are a few hotels in Akbuk that you could choose to stay in, but these are relatively small in size. The Derby Hotel is one worthy of a mention if you prefer a hotel rather than an apartment for use during your stay in Akbuk.

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