Consider the Investment Potential of Built in Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Of course, any time that you consider any major improvement on your home, you definitely want to know how it is going to reflect on the overall value of your property. Any swimming pool contractor will tell you that having a built in pool installed is a good bet, but is a swimming pool contractor the most qualified investment counselor you can talk to. After all, just like the guy down at the car lot, his main priority is to make a sale.

Not the Best Investment

The truth of the matter, is that while conventional concrete swimming pools are a great addition to any home, they aren't the best place to stick your investment dollar if you are planning on flipping your home for a profit. With the average, basic built in swimming pool now running well over $40,000, they just aren't cheap. Also, that is just for the pool itself and it doesn't take into account all the hidden costs that are encountered.

Still More Costs

Ruined landscaping and broke down fencing are par for the course, not to mention cracked driveways from dump trucks filled with tons excavated dirt. Don't bother to complain to the contractor, because you are the one stuck with the bill and its all in the contract. After your pool is done, then you have to have your decks or patios to have installed and that doesn't come for free.

Not Done Yet

Then there is the landscaping and the irrigation system that have to be installed. Then and only then, you can call the project done and begin to add up your final costs. The truth, is that the only people who turn a profit on built in concrete swimming pools are the guys that sell and build them. So, while concrete built in swimming pools are great additions to any home, they certainly aren't moneymakers for homeowners.

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