Considerations That Will Ensure You Reap Maximum Benefits With Retractable Pool Roof Enclosures

by Pool Builders on 10-04-2010 in Articles

Pool roof enclosures are great since they let you enjoy swimming even in chilly weather. However, retractable ones increase the benefit by ensuring that the sun shines into the pool area. After all, almost everyone enjoys a sunny day as it presents the best chance to go for a swim. However, many people are unaware of the benefits presented by retractable pool roof enclosures especially with so many options available.

Before we get to the benefits presented by these enclosures, it is important to describe what they are. These are similar to a sunroom on wheels. This means that they provide an indoor setting but with an outdoor view. However, they also go a step further to provide you with the best from both worlds since they can be opened up to the outdoors.

In order to enjoy fully the advantages presented by the enclosures, it is important to take certain considerations in mind when installing them. The first consideration is the size of the enclosure. This is determined by a whole bunch of factors starting with the space available, pool specifications and the buyers requirements.

The second consideration is style or design. Normally there are two main options when it comes to this. First, there are freestanding enclosures and extensions on pre-constructed structures. With the freestanding design option, you have freedom with the use of space compared to extensions, which are determined by the other structure.

The operation mode of the enclosure is also an important consideration. Most of the enclosures have a fix track opening system, which should meet local building standards and also make it easier to open and close it. There are also some enclosures, which have an automated retractable system, which makes it easier to open and close the enclosure by simply pushing a button. This way you can enjoy outdoors almost immediately.

Configuration is another very important consideration. This is especially the case with an enclosure extended from the main house. This means choosing which side the retraction should rest on. If it rests on the other side away from the house, it will open up this area for other uses such as sitting. The configuration also determines other factors such as locating the the windows, doors, panel sizes and types. The installation should also be done in such a way to meet the local rain or snow conditions ensuring that you enjoy your enclosure much longer.

If you consider all these areas, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits presented by these enclosures to the maximum. Some of these benefits include extending your living space and provision of exposure to the suns warmth without risking the effects of harmful UV rays. The enclosures also offer protection from bugs or insects such as mosquitoes and wasps.

It is important to note that retractable pool roof enclosures also need some maintenance occasionally. However, this is simple, as you are only required to use a soft cloth with mild soap or a high-pressure washer to clean it.

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