Considerations When Building an Indoor Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 03-28-2013 in Articles

Since ages, swimming pools were considered as a mode of luxury for only those people who lived in high-end deluxe homes or mansions. But, technology has advanced so much that a common homeowner can now enjoy the benefits of an indoor swimming pool all year round, regardless of the geographic location. An indoor pool is considered as a great addition to a home today where a family can spend a quality, fun and relaxing time together no matter what may be the weather outside.

There are other advantages of having an indoor pool other than those mentioned above. An indoor pool requires less care and maintenance than an outdoor pool. Homeowners can enjoy private moments with their family members. In addition to all this, swimming is also considered as a great way for exercising and building a stunning physique. So, if you are thinking about having an indoor pool at your home, consider hiring the right contractor, materials to be used and space available to check whether the pool can be built to fit your needs. Other considerations which are equally important and will help you in making a right choice are as discussed below.

Let's face it building an indoor swimming pool is no child's play. It is definitely an expensive task. Hence, it requires a lot of research and preparation before the actual investment of time, money and efforts. Decisions regarding construction materials, design, additional facilities like gym or spa have also to be made. So, it is better to hire a qualified and registered contractor and take his or her suggestions rather than going by your instinct. The contractor's experience will make the building process a lot simpler. The licensed contractor will also explain which type of materials, design, shape and size will suit your needs as well as your budget. The suggestions will be based after taking into account the wiring and plumbing of your house.

The next important consideration is maintenance of an indoor swimming pool. As mentioned earlier, maintenance of an indoor pool is a lot easier and cheaper than outdoor pools since indoor pools are not exposed to outer elements like wind, insects and dust. But, it does not mean that they don't require timely care. Humidity can cause a lot of wear and tear to the area that houses the pool. Hence, while building an indoor pool use rustproof materials and refrain from using wooden materials since they deteriorate quickly in humid atmosphere. Install dehumidification systems prior to constructing the pool by consulting a HVAC specialist. Another way to produce less humidity is by maintaining a precise temperature inside the indoor pool space. Also, proper insulation in and around the pool space will make sure that you and your family are safe and secure from serious health hazards caused due to bad insulation. To stop condensation from building up in the walls, ask your contractor to include a quality vapor barrier while constructing the pool.

Moreover, keep a tab on the cost of maintenance of an indoor pool by using small and fluorescent lights instead of big incandescent lamps or bulbs because those lights are energy efficient. For heating the water of swimming pools, install solar heating systems. Since, indoor pools require lower temperature heating, solar heating systems are the best option when it comes to increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

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