Considerations before Having Your Own Swimming Pond   

by Pool Builders on 01-18-2012 in Articles

If you are planning on having a swimming pond in your own backyard then you might as well read some of its considerations to keep in mind before you build your ecological swimming pond in order to be equipped with ample information regarding the subject matter.

Description: An ecological swimming pond consists of a system of body of water by which it is isolated in a certain solid membrane without having to use chemicals for disinfecting the water. The process of clarification is purely organic in which ecological filters are used and deep water plants are planted hydroponically in the system for maintaining the clearest and cleanest water inside the pond.

Different Zones: For one, the swimming zone is an area where bathing is mostly done by the customers. Second, the regeneration zone is where the biological processes take place for clarifying the water. It consists of some filtration substrate mainly gravel, sand or lava stone and vegetation as well. Both zones are mainly separated with a sunken wall about 300 mm below the water surface. This wall is necessary since this allow the water from flowing freely back and forth between the zones.

Ecological Considerations: Generally, a swimming pond with synthetic material such as chlorine normally ejects up to three times of its water volume into the cesspool yearly. In contrast, a natural swimming pond is chemical-free and does not drained nor refilled so basically there is no instance for water dribbling into the cesspool. In other words, there is less energy consumption in terms of mechanical operation of most ecological ponds. Water Sanitation with the used of Mechanical Components: It is a type of pond which relies on conventional hydraulic design techniques with the aid of a reliable filter. It uses a specialized skimmer or an overflow channel which is designed to eliminate unwanted particles or materials floating on the water surface such as the leaves, pollen, dust and the like. Furthermore, biofermenta system is an innovative form of filtering system especially for this type of dipping pond which in fact, will help in minimizing a need for huge plantation areas and filtration beds as well. A few of its Benefits: Since the body of water in an ecological dipping pond is guaranteed 100% chemical-free, it provides several desirable effects. You would not experience of having red eyes, dry skin and hair as well as blanched bathing suits because of too much chlorinated water. In addition, eco-friendly heat pumps and solar panel warming systems can be integrated into the natural swimming pond during its construction to maintain an eco-friendly mood of a natural pool but even a usual electric or gas heaters may work just as fine. Again, keep these considerations in mind because these will help you though not entirely towards its construction and beautification.

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