Considerations in Choosing a Backyard Solar Panel Pool  

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2012 in Articles

When homeowners decide to put a pool in the back yard, there are several things to take into consideration. Size and type are usually the greatest concerns. Some pool installations offer the choice of in-ground, semi-inground and above-ground pools. The versatility of some brands allows the owner-to-be to choose which type of installation is most useful. In some cases, the pools may offer solar paneling to keep the pool warm for an environmentally-savvy twist. Radiant heat energy from the sun is useful in warming the water, especially in northern or cool-weather climates. This makes it possible to have a solar-powered radiant pool and a longer swim season. Using solar-powered panels also reduces the amount of electricity used to heat the pool otherwise. The size and shape of the design affect how involved the installation is, as well as the resulting cost and overall outcome of the pool's appearance and warmth. Liners are used to

In Ground
Depending on the type of swimming pool, zoning ordinances and budget, some families may choose to install their pool in the ground. Some find it looks more appealing, while others find it easier to manage. The ability for people to access the water, get in and out and use it safely are all considerations. The installation for an in-ground pool is more involved and is basically permanent.

Semi Inground
The semi-inground model is popular in places where landscaping is hilly and uneven or there may be limited space due to other features. Using shallow ground is another option for a partial installation. This is also affected by the height and accessibility of the users, the type of soil, zoning restrictions, utility lines and personal preference.

Above Ground
Solar pools installed on the ground's surface can be heated, just like those below or partially below the surface. Other considerations include how people will enter. Rather than having an abrupt entry with the ladder reaching up to the edge, the entryway can be built into the yard's landscaping. One option is a deck entrance or placement by other yard elements, such as a gazebo or porch.

When installing solar pools in the back yard, there are a number of other considerations to factor into the decision of size, shape type and placement. These include how it will be filled, privacy, the budget, whether it will be easily accessible to the people who would like to use it and whether there is sufficient space and lighting.

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