Considering Installing A Lap Pool? Here's Some Hints

by Pool Builders on 11-27-2010 in Articles

You want a pool in your backyard but you either have a small family or simply want onel for fitness rather than recreational use. It's likely you won't be hosting large pool parties or have it full of rambunctious children and if that's the case, you might want to opt for a lap pool.

A lap pool is typically chosen by people for whom fitness takes precedence over recreational swimming, although there is no reason you can't have a pool party in one.

One of the selling points for a lap pool is that they require less water than recreational pools and their simple, straightforward designs complements more architectural styles. They more easily blend into existing landscaping than recreational pools do, although there is no reason your lap pool can't accommodate features such as a waterfall or misting system and colorful pool liners to spice it up a bit.

A lap pool typically measures about 40-75 feet long and are usually eight to 10 feet wide and three and a half feet deep. If you'd like a pool that is suitable for recreation as well as swimming laps but don't want an Olympic sized pool overtaking your backyard, you can incorporate a lap-lane into your pool plans from the outset. L-shaped pools are a popular choice for creating a lap lane as well as being able to accommodate a wider play area at the bottom of the L.

Don't forget about stair placement when constructing the lap pool. The stairs should be incorporated into the design so they don't interfere with the swimming. You can consider extending a portion of the pool to add the stairs and this option also allows for a more decorative look for your pool.

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