Contact Lenses And Swimming Don't Mix Well  

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2007 in Articles

If you are one of those people who are used to jumping into the pool and taking a cool dip on a hot summer day while wearing your contact lenses - stop!

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has reported a possible link between a specific contact lens solution and an infection called acanthamoeba keratitis. This infection is caused by a waterborne organism that is commonly present in pools and hot tubs. It can lead to some very serious eye problems, including loss of some vision. The contact lens solution itself is not a problem but seems to increase the risk of getting this infection in some way. But no matter how it happens, officials are investigating 138 confirmed cases dating from January 2005. The problem itself is real!

But even beyond this specific warning, contact lenses and swimming don't mix very well. Common bacteria in the water can easily adhere to the lenses and cause infections even if you were not using a contact lens solution. In addition, your contact lenses also have a tendency to absorb the chlorine common in swimming pools and your eyes will be exposed to the chlorine for a number of days after your swim.

You could use a daily disposable contact lens that you can throw away after swimming but you still have the risk of eye infection while you are swimming. Not a great option either.

There is also the problem of the water changing the way your lens fits. They can end up fitting too tightly and that can cause serious eye problems as well. So, all in all you can see why we say swimming and contact lenses don't mix well.

Now, there is no doubt that wearing contact lenses while swimming can enhance your enjoyment. After all, that is why you wear contact lenses -- to see better! So if you still feel the need to wear your contact lenses for better vision while swimming then you are far better off wearing a pair of water tight swimming goggles.

The great thing about swimming goggles is that you can also get protection from ultraviolet radiation just like sunglasses and you can get them slightly tinted to prevent squinting from the sun. There are a number of nonprescription water tight goggles in the marketplace and you can ask your local pharmacist or specialty retailer about some of the more common features. You could also talk to your optometrist about a prescription pair of swimming goggles to allow you better vision for underwater swimming.

Whichever way you decide to go, just continue to protect your eyes as you enjoy your next cool dip on a sweltering summer day.

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