Coral Reef Above Ground Pool Liners â€" Fake or Real   

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Imagine if you will, the last time that you visited a large commercial aquarium with your kids. Remember the way that they looked into the glass in awe at all of the brightly colored flora and fauna that was laid before them. Now imagine if they were able to jump in and swim in this tropical wonderland, because this is the same effect that is accomplished with amazing new coral reef above ground pool liners.

A Tropical Fantasy Lagoon

Its crazy how complete and total the effect is in these new fantasy lagoon above ground pool liners. Multicolored fish line the sides, intermingled with streamers of green kelp and the floor is completely covered with coral, starfish and sand. The colors are completely realistic and never fade, because they are impeded right into the plastic itself.

The Number One Choice for Kids

There are several design styles to choose from in this amazingly realistic tropical fantasy style and all of them are nothing short of astounding in their level of realism. All of these new choices in fantasy above ground pool liners are now making above ground pools the number one choice for kids everywhere who now see cement built in pools as ordinary and plain looking.

You Just Cant Tell the Difference

For adults, there is also a wide variety of decorative liners that can radically change the look of any above ground pool. Faux decorative stone will have your guests gazing in amazement, because they are virtually indistinguishable from real stone. Even with their noses pushed right up to it there is no telling the difference. Its the same with all of the faux ceramic tile above ground pool liners as well. Every last detail is duplicated in the raised, three dimensional tiles with their rough reaccessed grout lines.

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