Correct Freestyle Swimming Technique

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2010 in Articles

Do you struggle with your freestyle swimming? Are you afraid that your swimming technique is doing you more harm than good, that you struggle to remember the things that you did last session that seemed to improve things? Do you feel embarrassed in your sessions, hoping that the pool will be quite today so that you don't get in the way of the more accomplished swimmers?

The good news is that they only seem more accomplished because they have learnt of are learning a good swimming technique. The even better news is it is not that difficult to learn and employ those same techniques so that you can improve to or even go beyond their abilities. It's not difficult to develop a smooth, fast and powerful stroke that will allow you to keep pace with or even overtake those swimmers that you previously just wanted to keep out of the way of.

Think of the benefits if you develop a correct freestyle swimming technique:.

  • Longer swimming sessions leading to an improved level of fitness.
  • The ability to swim faster using little or no effort, with a powerful and efficient swimming stroke.
  • A freestyle technique that will improve your body's aero dynamics through the water.
  • A swimming style that brings you confidence in the water.
  • The knowledge that your stroke is nothing to be embarrassed about.
  • The ability to breathe correctly so you do not experience any panic attacks in the water.
  • The ability to kick properly so your legs help instead of hindering your progress.
  • To be able to participate in open water swimming events or triathlon.
  • To be able to swim confidently in open water.
  • Respect from others now that you have developed a correct freestyle swimming technique.
  • Have fun and develop efficient training drills.

The above is perfectly achievable by anyone who can already swim a couple of lengths of freestyle, no matter how tired or out of breath they feel at the end. It does not have to be a frustrating or difficult process and you will start to see improvements right from day one. The key is to learn the correct drills and to practice these in the correct order. The fundamentals of front crawl swimming then become second nature and you can then apply these consistently during your routines until they become second nature.

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