Cost Effective Swimming Pool Chemicals

by Pool Builders on 12-07-2009 in Articles

As I'm sure you'll well aware, personal or public swimming pools are excellent for relaxation and recreation due to the many amazing benefits they're known for. However, any owner of a swimming pool must maintain the pool to keep it clean and usable. There are many products out on the market now for clearing up algae and other forms of bacteria that form in pools. Naturally, the price range and quality varies from one product to the next. If you are looking to save money and make an economic purchase on pool cleaning products, you have a number of options.

The price range of cheaper swimming pool chemicals varies depending on the brand, but also on what task you are trying to carry out in the pool. There are different products for different pool related issues.

For chlorine tablets, it is possible to buy bulk amounts of 1-inch tablets for $30 - $40 for about 8 lbs. This is a good deal, considering the amount of use you can get from an 8 lbs package. Like other products and markets, the more you buy in bulk, the more savings you will get. Its possible to buy a 100 lbs package of chlorine tablets for just $250-$300. If you calculate, this saves money because this way you are paying less of a dollar amount for each tablet.

For those who have issues with algae, liquid algaecide can be purchased by quart for only $10-$20, depending upon the brand. Some algaecides target only certain types, while others target all kinds, which are probably preferable for most consumers.

There are also chemicals for removing stains from the pool structure itself. These chemicals will help the physical aspect of the pool as it will wind up looking much more pleasing to the eye. For $10 a quarter, these chemicals can be purchased online or through certain pool stores in the area, which effectively remove stains from cobalt, iron, manganese and copper. They can also add a layer of protection against future stains, saving you money as you won't have to clean up these messes from stains nearly as often as you would without it.

In conclusion, there are many affordable options for pool cleaning supplies which perform a wide range of tasks for the pool owner. It is up to you to evaluate your pool yourself and deduce which pool chemical is going to work the best for your particular situation. Always be sure to read the instructions on the tub of chemicals you purchase to avoid injury to both yourself as well as your pool.

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