Cost Effective Ways to Heat Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2010 in Articles

Many people are aware of the rising use of solar power in many gadgets that conventionally rely on electricity. But not all are aware of what exactly solar power is and how it is different from what is known as solar thermal power. Some people are under the erroneous impression that solar power and solar thermal power are one and the same.

Solar power is the electricity that is generated by using sunlight whereas solar thermal power is heat that is generated using sunlight. This power type is also more and more in use for household and commercial needs. A very common example of solar thermal power for home use is seen in its use for heating the water in a swimming pool.

The sun's energy is converted into thermal power with the intention to heat a swimming pool. Solar energy collectors are categorized into low, medium, and high collectors, and the solar panels used for heating a swimming pool are known as low collectors. This method is sometimes used for space heating. However, solar thermal power has not been found to be cost effective for home heating.

Water heating systems are also available which work on the principle of solar thermal power. Use of these water heaters is encouraged since it uses an environment friendly clean energy source. As such, users are entitled to a tax cut when they install it. Initial installation of these may not be cheap but the expenses will be made up by what is saved on energy bills.

High temperature thermal energy collectors are used in thermal energy plants for large scale power generation through devices like steam turbines. This is considered a very good alternative energy source for producing electricity. It is especially helpful for power production in slightly remote areas where the normal supply of electricity may not be regular.

Using solar thermal power is a very cost effective scenario. Besides the initial investment on the solar panels, there is no energy requirement at all. And the fact that there is no need to procure fossil fuels also makes it a good and environment friendly alternative for generating electricity.

Even for thermal plants involved in large scale power generation for supplying into the common grid, expenses are less since the main expense is setting up the building and maintaining it. So, energy can be made available at a cheaper price. It is also a pollution free method of energy generation and is safer than nuclear energy.

Harnessing the sun's abundant golden light to produce thermal energy is a good energy solution which helps the user economically, and helps the earth to remain green.

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