Costa Blanca's Best Attraction, Benidorm  

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The famous tourist spot in Costa Blanca is the popular Benidorm.

Benidorm is located on the eastern coast of Spain []. A great travel destination where you can go.It is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and is enclosed by the mountains Sierra Helada on the east, Aitana on the north, and Tussal de Cala on the west, protecting it on three sides from weather, with Benidorm's fourth side covered by two very curved bays that keep the sea still and make it ideal for sunbathers and swimmers to stay in a warm, safe environment for most of a year.

Benidorm is rated as Spain's top holiday destination, due mainly to its year round temperatures, which average between 12 degrees in winter and 28 degrees in summer, and its three Blue Flag natural golden beaches,Situated off the N-332 approx 40 minutes from Alicante airport.

There are many water activities for those who love an adrenaline rush such as jet skiing, kayaks, and water skiing. You should try the cable ski off of the Ricon de' L'oix, its at the northern end of Beach Levante.I enjoy going parascending as it's the most fun a person can have other than taking a dip andgoing scuba diving. (three actual professional/amateur clubs) you can have fun as as they offer everything from soccer, boxing, wresting, football and karate. There are a number of such places if you simply open your phone book. As well as snorkeling. You can also hire boats and take fishing or scuba diving trips to Peacock Island and swim with amazing marine life.

Aqualandia is perfect for those who like freshwater, with its waterfalls, zigzags, rapids, cascades, lakes, kamikaze rides, black hole wave swimming pool, and for those who prefer simpler facilities there is an Olympic swimming pool in the Foietes sports complex and the Lope de Vega swimming school.

Including several bowling alleys, bowls clubs, billiard clubs, go-karts, horse riding, tennis, golf, paintball, trekking, quad biking and adventure expeditions,for those without webbed feet, there is Foietes sports complex, with athletics of various diversities on offer.

There are many fun things for the entire family at one of the three beaches Bendiorm offers so you can find the ideal holiday hotspot that meets your needs. North of the city is the place called Levante. (dawn) Nestled below the Old Town is Mal Pas cove and to the south is Poniente,beach. (dusk) So you can sunbathe from sunrise to sunset on these golden beaches,beach.

Beach Levante. Where it is ideal for the snorkelling beginner, as there are some smooth rocks on the seabed, a home for many fish, without the swimmer getting out of his/her depth,this is generally the most populated beach area.

If your feeling in need of exercise, order a pint instead of a half, and watch the muscles in your arm work out,on this beach it is only a short walk from the waters edge to a nearby bar, cafe or restaurant, where.

Cove Mal Pas. There is a small bay near the marina where you can take in the sun with the natural wind-break of the Old Town cliffs behind you and calm water breaking on the golden sands in front of you. With shallow placid seas this is a perfect spot to try snorkeling for the first time.

The beach at Poniente. Benidorm is the best private beach in town but it is known for the long walk for food and drink so it is wise to pack a picnic when visiting.

Unlike many other holiday vacation spots in Spain, Benidorm does not shut down in the winter because of its higher temperatures and entertainment. 800 and 1300 bars with between. It depends on the write up you read.Why so many Hen and Stag parties are staged here,it's easy to see.

3 course meal, drinks and dancing for 40 euros,there is also an extensive and varied entertainment schedule on offer, with places like Benidorm Palace, which has their extravaganza evenings with full show.

The Casino Mediterraneano and its Buffet dinner can be found in Villajoyosa. 3 courseFor the cost of 24 euros, you can avail wine and free watching of shows, and the addition of fluttering at tables or on the bandits is you want it.

There is a multitude of differing entertainment venues including the many bars that provide karaoke, singers, comedians, etc, Molino Benidorm that is mostly a drag show with drinks, music clubs such as Cafe Benidorm, Hippodrome, Loch Ness, Champions, and more that feature disco, R&B, and House music.

Benidorm is probably the "Mecca de Espana", with its main Spanish rival possibly being Ibiza and described by some as a Spanish Blackpool but with a different culture, more sun and better beaches,For the party animal.

Benidorm prides itself it offering a year around holiday experience with entertainment for families, couples and singles.

Fun for the whole family. They are bountiful activities awaiting at Benidorm for families with little ones who like to play, some areas include: Terra Mitica, Terra Natura, Mundomar, Aqualandia and Desafio Medieval, (shows demonstrating the medieval times, with knights and many more, including dinner) all of which is available online for more in depth information.

Rental Automobile. It is very easy to explore all the shops, villages, and small towns near Benidorm. All major car rental agencies are easily accessed along Avenida del Mediterraneo, just off Levante beach, including Hertz, Avis, Europa and Centauro (so look around for the best available price).

EXCURSIONS Almost all of the hotels organizes some packages which you can avail, but alternatives can be avail like sightseeing trips to places like markets at Altea, the 7 Spanish village, Guadelest, Botanical Gardens or the winery in Jalon where you can taste the merchandise.

The Round Town news Tourist information office opposite the hotel Melia in the Rincon side of Benidorm can give you tickets for the free excursions. For those of you that want to get into the spirit of the holiday festivities, Round Town office can assist you with you holiday queries. Even Spanish phrases!

HOTELS There are 145 hotels, a total of 38,00 beds and numerous apartments. this is the third highest in Europe, behind London and Paris. For those who don't have acrophobia, Hotel Gran Bali is the place for you - the tallest know build in Spain, standing 51 floors high.

Tradition. When the lord of the Baronia de Polop awarded it a town charter to establish its own identity within Spain,Benidorm was officially born in 1325. If you have ever been to a different country, you will the people in the streets are always nice and they will stop and talk to you about their city and their country. And then they will try and tell you the sites you should go and visit before you leave. Spain is such a wonderful place to visit. It is a widely visited hot spot. There is so much to see there. And when you go, you should make sure you talk a camera with a lot of film and a lot of batteries. Because you will need them.

Do you ever just want to go to your old neighborhood and just look where you grew upWhy?
If so then why not just do it and take a nice walk through the old streets. And enjoy what you see. The cobblestone lanes and plazas are lined with interesting structures including James church which was constructed in the 1700's. Along two designated routes through the Old Town, which is much more civilised than the usual pub crawl,you can also take all this in doing a "Tapas and Vino" crawl.

Different events falls in different day and places, like the 3 Kings, Fallas, Semana Santa and more than these to see through. (musical acts and entertainment) Why? There are lots of celebration to see and worth waiting forth. Like Christmas, New Years Eve, and a lot more fireworks display.

Dining. The things that your looking to is very much available in these places specially the Benidorm. So go on a cuisine cruise, and go back on the diet when you get home,there are too many to list, without upsetting the rest.

Buying things in mall and boutiques. This is surely the place where you can shop until your heart is content, from bargain clothes store to higher priced stores, give the Plaza del Mar shopping centre in Fenstrat a try. You will want to be sure to pick up bargains in leather goods such as coats and jackets as well as luxury items like alcohol and cigarettes.

In my final thoughts, I leave you with the idea that Benidorm is a city of diversity, with something for everyone, where you can immerse yourself in the culture or have a holiday filled with fun activities. However, to so Benidorm justice, you have to go there and see it for yourself.

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