Creative cakes for your party  

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Making a great cake can really set the mood at the party. In particular a children's party where their imagination can run wild and a cake becomes something way more than just a cake. For some people the idea of doing a cake is daunting enough let alone making something a little bit quirky and creative. From here we will have a brief look at some ideas which might inspire you.

Boat party cake
Doing a nautical based design is relatively easy because the base can be the water and placing a hull shaped cake on top isn't going to take a massive amount of sculpting. With the addition of some styled icing and some chocolate stakes for the masts you can create yourself quite a convincing ship without a huge amount of technical ability. Simplicity is the best way to get the ball rolling so that makes the nautical themed cake a great choice to start with.

Individual cupcakes for your party
The versatility of a cupcake means that it is great for both young people and the more mature generation to get their sweet tooth in to. The starting blocks are very simple and include some shape stamps, a sheet of rolled icing in various different colours, some decorative icing for colour and a plain and simple cupcake. With the shape cutting equipment begin to make some shapes to decorate the top of the cupcake. Arrange them in different fashions on top of the cupcakes so that each one looks a little bit different from the next. Finally take the squeezey icing and use it to create finer details and writing for extra personalisation.

Swimming In Icing
Again something that isn't going to be too taxing on the creative talent with icing molding etc. The great thing about the swimming pool idea is that most of the detailed can be submerged in the water. A traditional pool shape is a nice and simple rectangle so this is the best place to start, and from there you can decorate it with various different coloured pieces of icing both soft and squidgy. The figures can be as simple or as complicated as you like but for simplicity sake just have them all in the pool and then you only have to create their heads above water. These heads will be for the lucky few who have a big sugar rush in store.

Igloo party cake
An igloo is not the only thing that this can be but it's a good start. The first thing you need is to make sure that when you bake, you bake a cake in a round bowl to echo the dome shape of the igloo. This way the shape of the cake underneath will be perfect for your little igloo. By cladding the sponge in a layer of rolled white icing and using some it food colouring to paint on the detail and brick lines you can create a convincing Eskimo home. You can take the sheet icing leftover and created an entrance to finish the look off. This concept of using this basic shape can be used for various different styles for example if you have a friend with a bald head you could turn the top of his head into the cake.

Snaky Cakey line
Taking the versatile idea of cupcakes you can create many different ideas by simply decorating the top according to what character you wish to achieve and then arranging them to suit . For a snake just arranging them in a slithery wiggle will look perfect. Achieving the detail on the head can be done by making a small round cake. I originally saw this idea as the hungry Caterpillar and the head was simply a circular red cake .

There are many more great cake ideas to be used for some sort of party or event but the crucial thing to remember is that it doesn't have to be difficult to make something quite brilliant. Please do remember that it doesn't have to be an exact replica of what you are trying to achieve to be a fantastic cake. Aside from looking the part of the most important thing is that it tastes great


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