Cruises Offer Lots To Do Both At Sea And On Land  

by Pool Builders on 03-28-2010 in Articles

Cruise ship holidays offer the ideal opportunity to take in all the delights of the open ocean and get away from the bustle and toil of daily life. Those who like to enjoy land-based activities while on holiday, however, will still have ample opportunity, whether they want to sunbathe on a beach or browse the market stalls in a distant city. The wide variety of onshore excursions offered on today's cruises [] means that guests can enjoy the best of both worlds at sea and on shore.

Cruise ship entertainments

The facilities available on cruise ships nowadays are extensive, and include the likes of swimming pools, gyms, spas, shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs. Some ships have onboard movie theatres so you can watch recent films while others have specialist facilities such as running tracks for really active types. Rooms have become increasingly spacious and comfortable, with many cruise lines offering room service if you want to enjoy breakfast or a late night snack in your room.

Activities on offer range from fun pool contests and games, to more cultural pursuits, such as book readings or cooking classes. If you are travelling with children, most cruise lines offer supervised childcare centers with an array of planned activities and amenities. The children's area might have its own swimming pool, library, arcade and playroom. They often cater to a wide range of ages, from babies to teens. These centers can help make the cruise experience fun for the entire family, as well as allowing parents to enjoy a break while their kids are occupied.

Onshore excursions

For many people the days spent at sea are a welcome break, but many holiday highlights can also be found on land. Depending upon the specific itinerary of your ship, you might visit cosmopolitan cities in an array of countries such as Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Germany or Spain. Some cruises specialise in certain regions - Baltic and Northern European cruises, which visit Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Finland, Iceland and even Greenland, are becoming increasingly popular. The ship's staff can help you arrange transportation and tours at the various ports of call or you can simply venture out on your own and explore the city. When you tire, you can return to your floating hotel for a drink and a snack before heading out again to enjoy more activities.

Retail therapy is a popular choice for cruise ship holidaymakers taking a trip to the shore. Since cruises allow you to visit so many different ports of calls, you can shop for many unique types of crafts, jewellery, clothing, shoes and furnishings. On a Mediterranean cruise, you might purchase a Turkish rug from Istanbul, sandals from Greece and leather goods from Spain.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other land-based activities to enjoy, which your ship's staff can help arrange for you, from horseback riding along the beach to a wide variety of water sports. Depending upon your activity level and interests, your holiday can be as active - or relaxing - as you choose. The range of discounts available, including a variety of last minute cruise [] options, means that there is sure to be a cruise holiday to fit everybody's budget and interests.

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