Custom Pool - Cool Designs to Choose From  

by Pool Builders on 02-07-2013 in Articles

Owing to the varying tastes of people, Toronto custom pools have become increasingly popular. Turning the normal pool into a fine piece of art has become a trend these days. The design however entirely depends on the individual's taste, but if you are considering a custom pond and are looking for ideas, here are a few to help you out.

Shapes and Sizes

To start with, you will first have to think of a suitable shape and the size for your custom pond. You can opt from the basic rectangle, round or oval shape to the octagonal, 8-figured and other available novelty shapes in Toronto custom pools. If you are designing a pool for the kids you have the mermaid or dolphin shaped custom ponds to choose from. Examine the space available for your custom pond and then choose an appropriate shape and size.

The landscape could add to the beauty or make your pool look unappealing. So depending on the location you will have to make an intelligent choice about the size of your Toronto custom pools.

There are gunite pools that offer a variety of shapes to choose from. The concrete mix with metal or wooden framework enhances the look of the pool. There are also fiberglass pools that offer a variety of options for customization.

Choosing interiors

Interiors would contribute a huge deal in lending a good overall look to a Toronto custom pool. You could use stylish glass tiles or colorful concrete to form an attractive base. Blending it with colors of the landscape could enhance it further. Glass tiles are available in a lot of designs and colors. There also are murals which you could choose from. Kids' pools would look great with murals of sea creatures, mermaids or rainbow colors.


Choosing the right hue is extremely important to complement the design and the accompanying architecture of the pool. The color would play a major role in providing a pleasant shade to the water too. You could consider using red tiles to make your pool the centre of attraction. If you wish to have dark tones, you can make use of granite rims. Sometimes mixing and matching colors to the color of your house building and landscape can work wonders too.

Water embellishments

A waterfall theme over huge rocks offers a wild and adventurous feel whereas water gliding over glass would offer a classy and serene effect. Using LEDs or moderate lighting for your Toronto custom pool can help you provide a captivating look during the night too.

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