Custom Swimming Pool Builder- How to Find the Right Builder  

by Pool Builders on 05-20-2011 in Articles

Having a custom swimming pool built is a huge investment, and most people have very specific ideas of what they want. No one wants to waste money on something that ends up a disappointment in the end. After the design stage, finding the right custom swimming pool builder is the most important step in the process. It can be difficult to follow custom designs, as they are all different, and this makes finding the right builder even more important. Just any pool builder will not do. You need a builder that is accustomed to building elaborate custom pools to the specifications set out by the client, only veering from the design if it cannot be done any other way, and always clearing it with the customer first.
The first step when looking for a custom swimming pool builder is usually to get quotes. You can look in the phone book and call for quotes, or you can get them online at From there, you can narrow your list to the quotes that fit within your budget. You could also simply decide to go with the builder that has the lowest quote, but this is not always the best idea.
Before you automatically choose to hire the custom swimming pool builder that gave the lowest quote, it is wise to meet with each builder that quoted within your budget. You will want to discuss your design in depth with them, and get a feel for exactly how they plan to execute it. They should have visited the space where you want the pool before giving you a solid quote, and if not they need to do so now. You may even want them to come out again anyway, even if they have already visited once. Make sure that your schedules work well together, and ask to see samples of their work.
Beware of custom swimming pool builders who do not have examples, as well as those who do not make site visits. If they do not have samples, it may not mean they are bad, but they may very well be inexperienced. Most likely they worked for someone else previously. If they did, you can ask to see examples of pools they worked on at that time. If they still have nothing, move on. A builder who does not visit the site really has no idea what he is getting into, and most likely this is a sign of inexperience as well. It could very well lead to additional costs on top of the original quote.

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