DIY Pool Safety Fence: Marking And Placing Your Posts  

by Pool Builders on 07-08-2011 in Articles

Let's face it, and that is that having a pool fence installed is usually a costly affair. This after having to pay for the pool itself. So it's not difficult to see why a lot of swimming pool owners at the very least take into consideration doing their own fencing. That on top of the truth that as far as residence improvements are concerned, installing a fundamental cedar fence occurs to be one of the less complex jobs you could do. But you do needless to say want expert searching results.

So the very first thing you need to do to create it simple on your self by selecting an straightforward style of fence to create, and maybe the easiest is your normal cedar slat fence. You see them all over where you live. Produced from normal cedar 1 x 6 dog eared planks, nailed to a 2 x 4 frame built onto 4 x 4 posts. Often they're painted but most of the time they're just left as they are for a natural wood grained appear.

So you will need to begin out by simplifying the picture in your head. Which is that you simply must basically put any thoughts of the completed fence on the back burner, so to speak, and just consider the framework of the fence you're about to build. Create a nice frame then you can create a nice fence on top of it. Now this sort of fence frame begins out with 4 x 4 posts, and to be positive you do not come up short, acquire 10 footers. It is possible to cut the excess off the tops.

Then one huge mistake which you don't want to make prior to you even get began is to plot out your fence lines outside of your property boundary. Think it's challenging to do? Well you are wrong for the reason that it happens rather frequently. Now there may perhaps be some type of survey markers but men and women have been known to move them and that's where plenty of the difficulties come from. So take a trip down to your county land records workplace of you've any questions.

Then soon after you have determined exactly where your fence is going to be built, pound some good long sturdy stakes in. one at every single corner. Then immediately after that has been performed run thick construction grade string between them to "line out" your actual fence. Pull the string tight, and tie it off. Then after that has been accomplished, use a tape measure to mark off just about every 8 feet on your string. These marks are where your posts might be set.

Just pound a modest stake into the ground below each mark on the stings. Those tiny stakes are your reference markers for digging "nice & roomy" 2 foot deep holes for your posts. Soon after that task has been performed, basically drop the posts into their holes having a generous amount of cement, plumb them up with a level, brace them off, and allow the cement to cure for about each day prior to you start in developing your framework.

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