Damai Beach Resort Kuching - Beauty at its Best  

by Pool Builders on 07-22-2009 in Articles

Hailing from the United Kingdom, apart from the actuality that I wished to see my girlfriend and meet her again and see the family too, I also wanted to enjoy the scorching weather!

I came to Malaysia from the UK in late November 2008 so just in time to experience some fine hot temperatures of around 35 degrees centigrade. Not for everybody I am sure but givenhighest choice I much rather this to minus 5 degrees centigrade! Would you not be inclined to be the same?

So with this in mind one of my main priorities was to do some swimming!

The rainy season apparently unsettles the sea so swimming in the sea is not as idyllic as it is at other times of the year. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the hotel swimming pools both at Damai Beach Resort Kuching and also at Damai Puri the other hotel, which is about 2 miles further up the road.

The images I have integrated on my website reveal to you more than I can impart to you, just how incredibly perfect the pools are! The lower pool at Damai Beach Resort Kuching tended to be very active and is splendid for the children one can watch out for them while you have a refreshing drink at the bar beside the pool.

The upper pool which you can reach to either by a regular shuttle bus service from the main hotel reception area or by hiking up the steep steps tended to be less frequented by kids which makes it very pleasant for a quiet swim or cool off.
The pool itself is beautiful and clean but whats more the views are totally fantastic! I could not believe that I might swim while at the same instance have such superb views for miles and miles all around!

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