Davey Pool Equipment: To Keep the Blue From Turning Green  

by Pool Builders on 04-06-2013 in Articles

Swimming is considered to be among the most effective whole body exercises. It is a good way to cross train and also recuperate after most muscle injuries. Having a swimming pool can be great fun. One could take a dip whenever they want to, especially on those hot, sweltering summer days. Having your own swimming pool can benefit you in many ways; you will not have to worry about rules and regulations in a personal pool, besides not having to pay any membership fee

Before one begins constructing a swimming pool one must first decide the dynamics of the pool according to the kind of activities you will need for. For instance, if there are kids in the house, one might want to consider building a shallow pool which gradually gets deeper or if one has interests in practicing diving one could decide the depth of the pool accordingly.

When building a swimming pool the size and depth of it should be the least of your concerns. The importance lies in the equipments used to maintain a clean and safe swimming pool. A swimming pool is only just as good as its equipment. There are a number of factors that should be pondered upon before deciding the equipment. One could begin with choosing a pump for the pool. A pump is required for the sole purpose of regularly circulating the water in your pool. There are a number of pumps available in the market to suit one’s need and most importantly budget. There are various kinds of pumps with a number of features that one must first compare before deciding on the one you want. Of the many available, one could consider the Davey silencor pump. As the name suggests; the pump functions efficiently without creating any kind of sound. This pump is particularly good for those people who enjoy the peace and silence in their backyard and would not want to ruin it with the noise of a pool pump. This pump comes in varied capacities, according to the size of the swimming pool. There is also the Davey Typhoon Pump which is a heavy duty machine for rapid pool circulation.

One of the other important equipments in a swimming pool is the pool filters. Filters are needed to sift out debris and other such contaminants. There are various kinds of swimming pool filters cartridge filters, sand filters, and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters, to name a few. Of the many one could consider purchasing the Davey cartridge filter for the pool. Cartridge filters are relatively easier to maintain than the other types. To clean the cartridge all one needs to do is, remove the filter plates and spray on it with a hosepipe. If used properly they could last for 3 to 5 years.

A pool salt chlorinator is equipment that will keep your pool sanitized. It effectively removes algae and bacteria and maintains the cleanliness of a swimming pool. It basically works on the principle of electrolysis by converting salt into sodium hypochlorite which serves as an effective disinfectant. All the equipments in place one can enjoy the luxury of a clean and well maintained swimming pool with friends and family.

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