Davey Pool Pumps and Other Water Cleaning Equipment  

by Pool Builders on 09-20-2012 in Articles

When it comes to swimming pool sanitation, there are several methods used to ensure healthy and safe conditions in the water. Proper sanitation is necessary to maintain the clarity of water and prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. There are many different types of equipment that are available to help keep the water in the pool clean. Davey pool pumps are among the popular alternatives in the market. They are used to circulate the water from the pool. The water is then forced through a filter, before being returned to the pool. Of course, this method requires a constant supply of electricity with the average pump, with at least five hundred watts to two thousand watts of power. Some pool pumps have two motor speeds that allow the power consumption to be reduced, when full power is not needed.

Some Davey pool pumps come equipped with a silencer, facilitating quiet operations. They are ideal for places where silence is to be maintained, even during the operation. This feature does not hinder the efficiency of the machine or its overall performance. Some people prefer Waterco pool pumps since they are quite useful for pools above the ground and ornamental ponds.

Pool sand filters are mainly used for water purification. Rapid gravity filters and up flow filters require the use of flocculent chemicals to work effectively. Slow filters can produce the water quality that is free from pathogens, but without the use of chemical aids. Davey pool sand filters are popular since they are manufactured with high grade fiberglass and resins using the latest engineering techniques. While choosing such filters, it is important to buy machines that are made with a quality and strength that would ensure long life and durability.

Pool cartridge filters are another type of equipment that offers water cleaning solutions. They come in two varieties. Depth type filters capture particles and contaminants through the thickness of the medium. Surface filters have thin materials on them that block the debris and particles on the surface. These cartridge filters are designed to provide a high dirt holding capacity ensuring that the cleaning frequency is reduced. Other kinds of equipment include salt chlorinators that comprise a digital electronic regulated power supply that controls an electrolytic cell. This system utilizes low levels of common salt to sanitize the pool water. The mild salt water is electrolyzed using an advanced electronic process to automatically sanitize the water, even when the owner is away for extended periods.

Unclean water in the swimming pool is the biggest cause of infectious diseases being transmitted. A large majority of the people fall sick because of this reason. Pool sanitation is very important and the right type of equipment should be used for cleaning the water. Pumps such as the Davey pool pumps are preferred by most people to clean their pool. The different varieties of Davey pool pumps offer buyers many alternatives making it popular amongst buyers. There are many other kinds of cleaning equipment that can be used to clean the water in their pool.

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