Decoding the Phenomenon of Fine Lifestyle Amenities  

by Pool Builders on 12-15-2013 in Articles

The strategy of presenting a single small swimming pool as the sole fine lifestyle amenity of a residential project is history. Today, no home buyer who is willing to pay a good amount of money compromises on lifestyle features. Pune real estate trends generally point out to the rise in demand for residences with fine lifestyle amenities. So what makes these amenities so desirable? And what could be the possible reasons for the increasing demand over the years? We take a look.

Why are these Amenities So Desirable?Lifestyle Standards - Lifestyle amenities directly allude to a certain standard of living. These amenities show that you are not cash strapped.

Comfort and Convenience - If one gets a gym or billiards table just going down a few floors or walking a couple minutes, there could be nothing more convenient. Considering the long and erratic working hours, if such lifestyle amenities are so easily accessible, at any point of time, it is a blessing.

Pay more, get more - Home buyers have become smarter and they obviously expect value for money. If they are throwing in big bucks, they will not compromise on quality or standard of life.

Holistic Living Experience - These high end amenities have something for each of the family member and touch almost every aspect of your life, giving you a complete lifestyle experience.

Now, when it comes to why this demand is increasing, there are a number of reasons for that. The foremost reason seems to be that the standard of living in Pune and overall India has increased. The lifestyles in urban areas have become like the ones in western countries. People want things and facilities fast and at their convenience. Staying in a gated community or independent residential spaces with such amenities is a status symbol and befits that lifestyle. Moreover, with changing times, people hardly get time to mingle with other people. More time is spent on gadgets than with others of our species. In such a scenario, these luxury apartment amenities present a chance to mingle with other people and have a social life.

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