Decorating Options for Above Ground Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2009 in Articles

The above ground swimming pool that you remember from your childhood may not be the same pool that is available today. Sure there are base models and even highly affordable complete pool kits that come with all of the accessories that you need. However; many of the real changes can be found in the extensive decorating options that are now available.

New Decorative Above Ground Pool Liners

Take for instance, super clever and highly decorative custom above ground pool liners that come in a myriad of choices. Incredibly realistic faux ceramic tile and even stone above ground pool liners will leave you simply amazed with the overall difference that they can make above ground swimming pools.

Kid Tested and Approved

Kids all agree that tropical lagoon and coral reef pool liners are the latest hot new ticket. Rocks, coral and starfish cover the bottom and seaweed streamers and fish in all colors of the rainbow cover the sides. The overall effect can leave your kids lost in their own fantasy world once they jump in.

Prefabricated Natural Wood Pool Decks

Pool decks are a now a snap thanks to new prefabricated natural wood pool decks that don't even require a hammer or a saw to install. If you can follow the instructions on how to put a model together then you will have no trouble installing one of these incredibly beautiful pool decks.

Super Fun and Highly Affordable Inflatable Pool Slides

Want a pool slide but don't want the cost or the hassle? Then take a good look at the new inflatable pool slides that are available for above ground swimming pools. Simply inflate it like you would any other giant inflatable pool toy, set it at the pools edge and watch your kids have the time of their life using it.

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