Designing Your Dream Residential Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-12-2010 in Articles

Residential Swimming Pools - A Brief Guide

Owning your own pool should be the culmination of a dream. Aside from buying your house, having a pool installed will probably be one of the most considered purchases you'll ever make. Choose the right design for your house and garden now and you will be rewarded with many years of pleasure and a feature that will add great value and desirability to your property.

Whether you decide to have an outdoor or indoor swimming pool really comes down to personal preference. The obvious advantage of an indoor pool is that, because you can control the environment, you can use it throughout the year, whatever the weather. However outdoor pools are an equally popular choice and can bring gardens to life with the addition of a careful and sympathetic design.

Design Considerations & Construction

Attention to detail in the early design stages brings multiple benefits to anyone purchasing a swimming pool. The initial design team should include not only the client, but also architects, interior designers, structural engineers and M&E Consultants.

Developing an indoor swimming pool in such close consultation with qualified experts will ensure that the technical requirements of the pool and environmental control systems are incorporated in the design of the new property whilst respecting the overall design and aesthetic appearance required by the client.

Analyse how the pool will be used as this will have an impact on the dimensions or whether additional special features are required such as moving floors. Moving floors enable the pool area to be converted into useable floor space in the event of parties, dance floors, conferences or just an area for children to play safely. The ability to regulate the depth of the pool water enables the pool to grow in depth as the children grow in size and ability. For these reasons, pools with moving floors are becoming more and more popular.

Additional design considerations include:

  • lighting/sound requirements
  • Automatic or safety pool covers
  • Automatic chemical closing systems
  • Filtration/water treatment
  • Environmental heating control systems
  • Solar heating
  • Ground source heat pumps

So which contractor should you choose to design and build your dream pool?

The best place to start is SPATA or the Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association. SPATA sets the standards governing the construction and operation of swimming pools, saunas and steam and their members have to follow these.

Every pool contractor member of SPATA has their work inspected before they can join, and periodically re-inspected afterwards. They assess the standards of each pool contractor's work and their trading ethics. Construction is the largest part of any swimming pool contractor's job and many will offer you services that encompass innovative ideas utilising the latest technology available including energy saving ideas that will ensure that the running costs are kept to a minimum.

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