Designing and Building Pools for Homes  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2012 in Articles

Pools can be so much fun to have in the house. Many people with large enough areas request builders to design one for their homes. Some of the older areas with none may want to have one installed because of the current trend. There are some designs that are more popular than others.

Basics and More

The basic shapes of pools are usually rectangular or rounded. The rectangular ones are usually more of a service-oriented shape because many people use these for exercise and for training. The size of the rectangles may vary according to the need of the person who had it made. Swimmers train in lap lanes, which are a thin rectangular shape about three meters in width and fifty meters or more in length. There are even training areas that allow the athlete to do so in the convenience of their own home. These are great for those with limited space. Those in the shape of a circle, an oblong or any other variation of these two are usually found in smaller yards. Many homeowners use these for dipping and frolicking around during the hot summer months. Sometimes the shape does not follow any standard shape but instead conforms to the area on which it is made. Some are not deep at all and are just used for wading.

Other pools are not actually for swimming, but are just for decorative purposes. These are built on the same concept as those for swimming but they are not to be used for this purpose. Many times homeowners have them made to enhance an area of their property by making a body of water such as a fountain or a waterfall that occupies a large pond of sorts. While some may have inhabitants such as fish, others are clean like the ones for swimming.

Things to Consider

There are several factors to consider as well. Pools are always a safety hazard, especially for those who do not know how to swim. Before one is to be constructed, the homeowner needs to discuss safety precautions and other measures to ensure that there is a reduced risk in and around the body of water. The depth of the water can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the usual swimmers or occupants in the house. If there are children in the domicile, the design of the water feature can be made with a safety fence around it as well as other precautionary gadgets and devices that prevent anybody from going into the water.

The lay of the land and its basic components are also part of what the contactor should consider. Some kinds of earth or soil are not suitable for pools that are made into the soil. Some contractors may recommend making one outside of the soil and reinforcing it. Some are built into the home's structure and the stability of the entire structure needs to be considered. Other things to consider are the budget of the homeowners and their needs and preferences.

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