Detailed Discussion About Hayward Pool Filters  

by Pool Builders on 01-03-2012 in Articles

Are you obsessed about cleaning your pools on regular interval? Still, you find that your effort is going waste. Then it is not the matter of your effort! Rather, you are lacking proper pool filter for your swimming pool. When you own any Jacuzzi or pool filter, then you need to be very much cautious about choosing the proper filter from the market. There are various brand names available in the market for the swimming pool filter. But, in this discussion, we will give one detailed discussion about the Hayward pool filters.

Yes, among many other brand names, Hayward pool filters are found to be very effective and durable pool accessories in the market. People love to see the cleanliness done by these filters. Also, this brand name is famous for other pool accessories like, heater, pool pump etc. Filters from this brand name are found to be very important performance wise. But, before discussing about this brand name, we should also know how swimming pool gets untidy and how this kind of murky water can spoil the health of the swimmer. If surrounding area of the swimming pool is found with plants and muds, then dry leaves, dirt, dust, insects etc. can make the condition of the water worse. Then, the proper sanitization and cleaning becomes one of the most important parts of the swimming pool maintenance. Swimmers can get many skin problems or internal diseases due to this kind of untidy water. Many times, it is evident that swimmers get drowned in the murky water, especially small kids.

Pool filters from Hayward Company are found with three broad varieties:

Hayward cartridge pool filters: in this type of filter, we can see the presence of one type of paper-like cartridge. This kind of cartridge acts as the sieve to remove any kind of untidy particle from the water. When we prefer to choose Hayward cartridge pool filters, then removal of impurities as small as 10 microns is possible.

Hayward Sand filters: in this kind of filter, 2/3 portion of the tank is filled with special pool-grade sand. Here sand works as the sieve and it can remove impurities as small as 20 microns. Once water goes inside the tank, this sieve starts working instantly.

Hayward DE filters: removal of impurities as small as 2 to 5 microns can easily be possible with this kind of filter. This kind of filtration takes place due to the presence of diatomaceous earth, which is nothing but the crushed fossils.

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