Determining The Right Type Of Above Ground Pools For Maximum Fun  

by Pool Builders on 09-01-2012 in Articles

Many families want to have their own swimming pool. Who won't when the summer days are hot and stifling? The crowd at the public pools can be discouraging and it is often inconvenient to venture outdoors when comfort can be gained in the air-conditioned indoors. A trip to the beach is one welcome thought but what if there is no beach that is easily accessible? In this kind of economy, considerations on price are always the paramount factor in making decisions since in-ground pools are certainly not affordable for someone with budget constraints. However, there is an alternative with above ground pools.

Before you go out and purchase the above ground pool from the local store, be sure to measure the size of the backyard. After you have made the buy, you will need to decide whether you can install it yourself using DIY techniques or if you need the services of a professional pool installer. Take note that you need to prepare the grounds before laying the pool on it. The ground should be level to avoid tilting and instability. Most above ground swimming pools come with their own kit for easy installation with step-by-step instructions.

Although there are instructions included in the kit, you will need some extra hands in the installation and it you are thinking of adding a deck, you must be handy in doing the job. To save on the trouble of committing costly mistakes, it is better to have the professionals install it for safety and less effort. The only thing then that you will need to do is wait for the pool to fill up with water so you can enjoy a swim. If you want the pools that are easy to set up, choose those that do not have the hard walls. You just hook up the hose and the pool will inflate. It may take only 20 minutes to set up the pool no matter the size and shape.

The quick set pool needs less maintenance especially during the winter months where you can disassemble and keep it until the coming summer. However, if you are looking at something permanent, the above ground metal pool should be your choice. This kind of pool allows you to add a deck including a ladder to facilitate access. However, it is important to be mindful of the state regulations and requirements regarding swimming pools whether in-ground or above ground.

The guidelines on the above ground pool varies with states but often it is required to add fencing and locks to prevent children from navigating the pool when no adult is in attendance. The ladder needs to be removable or should have a fence around them. This is to reduce the growing number of fatalities as a result of accidental drowning. It is therefore important to check the existing laws and adhere to it before purchasing the above ground pool. This will help you determine what kind of pool you need which is not only safe but properly protected.

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