Determining Your Focus for Outdoor Decorating  

by Pool Builders on 04-15-2013 in Articles

When decorating a patio or outdoor living space, there are many areas to consider. Primarily is how much time you will be realistically be spending and the types of activities in which you will be engaging. If you are looking to spend your time sunbathing, it doesn't make much sense to spend the bulk of your outdoor decorating market on providing shade, does it?


Since the bulk of your budget should go to the area that you will be focusing the most time on, evaluate what this will be. If your dream backyard includes a swimming pool, you will probably want to spend the bulk of your budget on a swimming pool. There are a few options for you - a traditional below ground pool vs. an above ground model. Depending on your budget, the layout of your backyard, and preferences, either will provide you with opportunities to relax with your friends or family.

Some people invest the recreational part of the outdoor budget on family games or sporting equipment. This can be a permanent or "put up as you play" addition to your backyard.


Other options for entertainment include outdoor speakers, outdoor televisions, projectors (for outdoor drive-in style movies), as well as fire pits, etc. If your family loves to gather for movies, this is a good option for you. Make sure that you only purchase equipment that is to be used outdoors, that it is securely mounted, or can be easily taken indoors when not in use since these items can draw thieves like a light bulb does an insect on a summer's night. Many families go the projector route and have their speakers disguised as rocks, etc. to deter theft.


There are a variety of options available for seating. You can go with plastic, metal, glass, or what is widely considered to the "crme de la crme" of outdoor furniture - teak patio furniture. Depending on your personal tastes and budget, you can usually find something that will meet your needs. Consider the cost of replacement and time to maintain in your budgeting as well since it may not be as much of a bargain to buy the very cheapest furniture if you have to replace it every year or two.


The options for preparing meals outside are plentiful. You can go with a classic charcoal grill or upgrade to a full cooking station. If you will be spending a lot of time cooking outdoors, get the very best that you can afford with as many options available. Otherwise a basic barbeque grill will probably suffice for an occasional hot dog or hamburger cook out.

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